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Brian Stelter's Reliable Sources newsletter:

Presidential historian Douglas Brinkley to Jake Tapper: "I've never seen a book like what Michael Wolff has produced here." He added: Imagine if Bob Woodward "were living in the Nixon White House!" Brinkley's point: "Our country may be benefiting" from Wolff's access to the West Wing, because "we may be able to see now that perhaps the president isn't mentally stable..."

"Where do I send the box of chocolates?" Michael Wolff started his "Fire and Fury" promo tour by playfully thanking President Trump for all the free publicity. Savannah Guthrie asked him: "You think he's helping you sell books?" I think Wolff's answer is the quote of the day: "Absolutely," Wolff said, and "he's helping me prove the point of the book."

Wolff's argument in a nutshell: By erupting about the Steve Bannon quotes and pressing his personal attorney to send cease-and-desist letters and attacking the book via Twitter, Trump is providing even more evidence that he's unfit for the most powerful office in the country. Here's my full story...

Here's the current promo tour schedule... subject to changes and additions... Wolff will be on "Meet the Press" this Sunday, then "CBS This Morning" and "Morning Joe" on Monday morning... Katy Tur and Lawrence O'Donnell's MSNBC shows on Monday... Stephen Colbert on Monday night... "Hardball" on Tuesday... "The View" on Wednesday... Michael Smerconish's CNN show next Saturday... and more to come. I hear a Fox News appearance is also in the works, but there's nothing confirmed yet...

The attorney who tried, on Trump's behalf, to stop publication of the book, entertainment industry litigator Charles Harder, has not responded to requests for comment. As you know by now, the book was released on Friday despite the cease-and-desist letter...

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more from Reliable Sources newsletter:

 -- Politico: "Trump is still fuming behind the scenes..."

 -- The book says that spokesman Mark Corallo quit repping Trump's personal legal team because he thought he observed likely obstruction of justice. Adam Schiff tweeted in response: "We will want Mr. Corallo to come before our committee... Corallo may shed invaluable insights..."

 -- Schiff will be on "State of the Union with Jake Tapper" on Sunday...

 -- Jennifer Rubin's view: "Wolff’s book leaves breadcrumbs for Mueller to investigate..."

 -- Via KQED's Scott Shafer: Tom Steyer says he bought 535 copies of the book so he can have 'em hand-delivered to every member of Congress...

 -- Wolff on NPR: "People regret what they said to me," but "they said it..."

 -- David Gergen on CNN: "This book is having major repercussions overseas." He pointed out that newspapers in other countries are openly questioning the president's mental health...

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more from Reliable Sources on errors, typos:

Readers are finding more errors in the book. There are at least three errors on just one page: This paragraph misspells Hilary Rosen's name, says Wilbur Ross was the labor secretary nominee (he's the commerce secretary) and says the WashPost's Mark Berman was at breakfast (he says he was not).

MIND MELD: Based on my conversations throughout the day, this is the prevailing view: Yes, there are mistakes and typos. Yes, Wolff should have been more careful and the publisher should have provided more editing and fact-checking help. BUT many of his key sources are not disputing the material. The story he's telling rings true and lines up with previous reporting from other journalists. If even half the book is true, it's deeply disturbing. I agree with that. However, the errors weaken Wolff's case...

Wolff's defense

Guthrie broached this issue on "Today." Wolff told her "I've written millions upon millions of words. I don’t think there has ever been one correction." There are clearly some details in the excerpts and in the books that call for corrections...


From: AULUS1/6/18 12:19 AM 
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Trump:  "Where is my Roy Cohn?"

Henry II:  "Will no one rid me of this meddlesome priest?"


From: AULUS1/6/18 12:22 AM 
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Or, instead of the first one, "Where is my Luca Brasi?"


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What an interesting time in history!



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Fire and Fury, Day Six

Reliable Sources newsletter:

Still ??

The first excerpts hit on Wednesday. Now it's Monday, and Michael Wolff is making the rounds on TV and radio shows, defending his reporting and elaborating on what he learned from his months inside the White House.

 --> Wolff to Don Lemon on "CNN Tonight:" "This is not a book about my impressions of the President. It is a book about the impressions of the people around him of him..."

Publisher responds to Trump's legal threat

Oliver Darcy emails: Remember Trump's demand that Henry Holt cease and desist further dissemination of Wolff's book? Attorney Elizabeth A. McNamara responded Monday by saying "my clients do not intend to cease publication, no such retraction will occur, and no apology is warranted."

The letter came hours after John Sargent, CEO of Macmillan, the parent company of Henry Holt, told employees about the company's "firm" response to Trump, telling staff it "is a matter of great importance" that is about "much more" than the book itself...

"Dropping the mask..."

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The book is replete with simple mistakes such as President Trump having no idea who John Boehner is when they were previously golfing partners. Also he accuses a person who is so obsessed with winning of not wanting to win the election, which undermines the assertion that he colluded with the Russians to win the election.

Wolff actually admits on page 10 of his prologue that he cannot verify anything that he details in his book, and that what he has provided is a “notional truth,” the merits of which the reader will have to decide upon by themselves. So it sounds like  a smear campaign where facts do not matter. This book is the epitome of fake news by a lying hack author.


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The people around Trump every day can verify whether those details are true or not. The rest of us will find out if they're true over time.



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Wolff is not an investigative reporter. He is telling a story and a lot of folks in the White House were willing to talk to him. As for Boehner, that comment speaks to the President’s momentary lapses and forgetfulness. Some of the typos are sloppy but not significant. Hilary Rosen one l in her name, not two. Mike Berman instead of Mark. Some of the denials don’t ring true. Much of this book does ring true. But you know what doesn’t ring true? Trump’s claim that he barely knows Wolff, despite the fact that he has been calling him and talking to him since the 90’s. Must be more of those memory lapses.

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