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From: Marci (marcinmin) DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by hostAug-6 10:06 AM 
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WASHINGTON (AP)  President Donald Trump’s strategy of becoming aggressively involved in the midterm elections is prompting concern among some Republicans who worry he’s complicating the political calculus for GOP candidates trying to outrun his popularity.

Those Republicans worry their statewide candidates may rise or fall based on Trump’s standing, muddling their path to maintain control of Congress.

But Trump has no plans to step out of the spotlight. He will hold a rally Saturday in Ohio and plans to host two fundraisers at the Trump National Golf Course in Bedminster, New Jersey, next week for House and Senate candidates, according to a campaign official with knowledge of the president’s events. The official spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss details about the fundraisers that haven’t yet been publicly released.

The president is casting himself as the star of the midterms, eagerly inserting himself into hotly contested primaries, headlining rallies in pivotal swing states and increasing his fundraising efforts for Republicans. Last week, Trump agreed to donate a portion of his reelection fund to 100 GOP candidates running in competitive House and Senate races.

He’s expected to be even more aggressive in the fall. White House officials say he’s reserving time on his schedule for midterm travel and fundraising likely to surpass that of former presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

“This is now about Donald Trump,” said Al Cardenas, a former Florida Republican chairman. “It’s a high-risk, high-stakes proposition.”

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From: Black Cat (NYTSHADE) DelphiPlus Member IconAug-6 11:07 AM 
To: Marci (marcinmin) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (2 of 43) 
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It's tough to be a Pub when to please your screwball base alienates you from everyone else.  It's all about the turnout because even though the Zombies are only about 30% or so of the voters, obviously they will be fiercely loyal and enthusiastic.


From: Leftism is a mental disorder (FouledAnchor)Aug-8 7:50 AM 
To: Marci (marcinmin) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (3 of 43) 
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My money's on the Donald every time.

From: ButchkingAug-14 7:23 AM 
To: Leftism is a mental disorder (FouledAnchor)  (4 of 43) 
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Mine too. 

The goofy liberal press said he would never run for President. They were wrong.

Then they said he would never get the republican nomination. They were wrong.

Then they said he would never beat Hillary(I can still hear her screaming, "Why am I not up by fifty points", LOL). And of course they were wrong, as usual.

Now, they are trying to claim a blue wave of democrat/socialist/communists are going to take back one or both houses. However, let's look at some real facts;

In 2017 and 2018, so far, Republicans have won eight of the ten special House elections. And one of the two Democrat wins was an all-Democrat contest in California’s 34th. The Democrats, of course, also took the special election for the Jeff Sessions Senate seat in Alabama, but Republican Roy Moore had to work very hard to blow that election. The scandals the Democrats dug up to win that contest scarcely can be called harbingers of a blue wave.



From: factotamAug-14 9:59 AM 
To: Butchking  (5 of 43) 
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Your orange Pillsbury Doughboy lies more than the press so obviously lying is not an issue for you.  So apparently what you have against the media is that they tell the truth about trump and for some strange Russian reason that bothers you. 

The reason everyone got the election wrong is that no polls took the Russian influence into consideration.  I fail to see the wingnut pride in having an election where their Russian backed candidate wins only with the help of Russian hackers and bots and  Russian backers funneling money into the campaign through the NRA.  


From: Leftism is a mental disorder (FouledAnchor)Aug-14 10:43 AM 
To: Butchking  (6 of 43) 
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Theyr'e in for another shocker on November. Lucy and the football just keeps winning.


Yates - Fired
Comey - Fired
Mccabe - Fired
Strzok - Fired
Rybicki - Resigned
Baker - Fired
Page - Resigned

These guys are living in denial.


From: ButchkingAug-14 10:56 AM 
To: Leftism is a mental disorder (FouledAnchor)  (7 of 43) 
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Yep, slowly but ever so surely the swamp is being drained, and after the election, some bigger named political crooks better start thinking about things like, countries that have no extradition laws, emptying bank accounts before they get frozen, fleeing the country, ect, The hammer's only going to get bigger.


From: factotamAug-14 11:33 AM 
To: Butchking  (8 of 43) 
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Trump is the swamp king.


From: Black Cat (NYTSHADE) DelphiPlus Member IconAug-14 12:32 PM 
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That's because the "goofy liberal press" is actually the corporate media.  They are in business to maintain the status quo, which is NOT the same as being liberal.  When they were confronted with one candidate who was backed by the wealthy and wanted to keep things pretty much as they were, of course they were for her.  Trump's support came from outside the DC/NYC axis and I don't think they ever did figure out what hit them...

But ordinary Americans are tired of politicians who treat them like chattel instead of people.  Trump talked a good game and it got him just enough votes in a few critical states to win.  But now the people have seen that rather than being their hero, he's actually the epitome of elitism, and providing the Democrats can come up with candidates who aren't just more of the same, they should win.


Just like they "should" have won in '16, but we'll see how it really works out.


From: Black Cat (NYTSHADE) DelphiPlus Member IconAug-14 12:34 PM 
To: Leftism is a mental disorder (FouledAnchor)  (10 of 43) 
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Okay, so what?  You rattle those names off to John and Mary Lunchbucket and they wouldn't know them from Adam. 

And really, it's just Trump's temper tantrum for daring to stand up for the truth instead of bowing to the Golden Calf Ass.


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