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From: Marci (marcinmin) DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host8/13/19 9:52 AM 
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Over the weekend, President Donald Trump gave a long, meandering speech at a fundraiser in Bridgehampton, New York, at one point adopting Japanese and South Korean accents to mock the countries’ respective leaders, Shinzo Abe and Moon Jae-in.

According to the New York Post, Trump mimicked Moon giving in on negotiations over defense spending.

Trump later attempted Abe’s accent while imitating the Japanese president’s responses on trade tariffs.

Trump reportedly had kinder words for North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, who he called a “friend” and said from whom he’d just received a “beautiful letter.”

“If I hadn’t been elected president we would be in a big fat juicy war with North Korea,” he said, per the Post.

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From: Marci (marcinmin) DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host8/13/19 9:57 AM 
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Be Best

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From: BlueManDude8/13/19 9:57 AM 
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That Abe, nominated this idiot for a Nobel peace prize.... the Japanese do not take kindly to such mocking. The strange thing is, any other President or world leader who acted like the trump, would have had their ambassador sent home with a stern message and a demand for an apology.

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From: Marci (marcinmin) DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host8/13/19 11:27 AM 
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I think it would be great if Japan would send a message like that. South Korea is more vulnerable and probably won’t feel comfortable doing that

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From: BlueManDude8/13/19 11:34 AM 
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U.S. President Trump asked Japan PM to buy farm products: Kyodo

Source: Reuters

U.S. President Donald Trump has directly asked Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to buy farm products worth a ‘huge amount’, Kyodo news agency reported on Tuesday, citing unidentified Japanese and U.S. government sources.

Trump had requested that Japan buy specific products such as soybeans and wheat, (to aid American farmers) Kyodo reported, adding that the request was separate from the framework of current trade talks between Washington and Tokyo.

Japan and the United States have agreed to target a broad deal on bilateral trade by September, seeking to bridge differences of opinion over tariffs on beef and the automobile sector, the Nikkei business daily reported earlier this month.

Kyodo said the Japanese government would consider its response and one proposal floated was to purchase the farm products as food support for African countries. The purchase would be worth several hundred million dollars including transport costs, Kyodo said.


From: Marci (marcinmin) DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host8/13/19 11:50 AM 
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What? I made fun of you now do me a favor? Japan has the internet, too fearful

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From: BlueManDude8/13/19 12:02 PM 
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He's so clueless, Ireland has tripled their pork production, where do you think it's going. The trump must think that global markets are like vending this button or that button. If a farmer loses their customers, it's almost impossible to to get them back. Someone will jump in with a better price & service and work hard to keep the relationship going.


From: BlueManDude8/13/19 12:06 PM 
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Clueless idiot....

Trump: "The Hong Kong thing is a very tough situation, very tough." He says "we'll see what happens" and "I hope it works out for everybody," "including China." "I hope it works out for liberty...everybody...including China. Hope nobody gets hurt, hope nobody gets killed."


From: Meriana8/14/19 1:07 AM 
To: Marci (marcinmin) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (9 of 9) 
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The behavior of her husband pretty much makes Melania's "be best" campaign a huge joke. Kids are generally taught to respect the President, and there he is doing exactly what most parents, and Melania's campaign tell/teach kids not to do. 


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