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Reliable Sources:

The whistleblower...

The I.D. of the whistleblower is becoming less and less important. This banner on "Cuomo Prime Time" captured the situation perfectly: "Multiple impeachment witnesses corroborate quid pro quo." But the pro-Trump media remains fixated...

Fox brass to Hannity and other hosts: Do not identify the whistleblower

Oliver Darcy emails: Sean Hannity is obsessed with the whistleblower. Other hosts and commentators on Fox also seem to want to name the person. But Fox's guidelines have said not to do so, and network officials have instructed talent not to name anyone, sources told me and Brian Stelter.

Some necessary context: Right-wing media has spent the past week hyping a report from a website which claimed it had likely identified the whistleblower. Fox is really the only major component of the right-wing media machine that has, thus far, refrained from naming the person identified by that story...

The guidance...

Darcy adds: In an October 31 email we obtained, a Fox News exec told staffers the network had not "independently confirmed [the] name or identification of the anonymous whistleblower." The email further advised production staffers to "NOT fulfill any video or graphic requests" on the identity. That guidance, according to a source, has been extended to Fox's prime time talk shows. 

Some of the hosts have alluded to this guidance while on Fox. More in our story here... 

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It matters because Republicans need a focus for their Two Minute Hate.  Like Emmanuel Goldstein - it doesn't matter that he exists - focused hate is the most powerful political force there is.


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Less than 24 hours after the order, a Fox guest named the whistleblower on the air. Other hosts like Charles Payne dance around it by telling his readers how to find out the name on the internet. 

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