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Reliable Sources:

Face coverings will be required at Fox's town hall with Trump on Thursday


Sean Hannity will host a town hall event with POTUS in a hangar at the airport in Green Bay, Wisconsin on Thursday. Tickets for the event have sold out. Key details via the Journal Sentinel newspaper: "Attendees will have their temperatures checked and must wear a face covering — either their own or one provided by Fox News." These are Fox's rules, which goes to show that there's considerable distance between the White House's Covid-19 nonchalance (big indoor events, no masks required) and Fox's precautions...


Hannity needs to challenge Trump


Will he? We'll see. But this moment demands accountability. The Covid-19 surge is the biggest story in the country. It was the lead on all of Wednesday's network nightly newscasts. CNN.com's top headline right now is "Record Covid-19 increases in most populous states." What's the federal plan? Over to you, Mr. President...

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From: Marci (marcinmin) DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by hostJun-26 10:01 AM 
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Trump gibberish at the Fox town hall

Raw Story:

President Donald Trump’s fitness to hold office was called into question after the broadcasting on Thursday evening of a town hall that had been pre-recorded with Fox News personality Sean Hannity.

Trump falsely claimed there would not be any COVID-19 cases were it not for testing to detect the pandemic. Trump also predicted Joe Biden would win the 2020 presidential race and bragged about being “the most perfect person.”

And Trump flopped after being asked his priorities for a second term.

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That last one is the most worrying.  If he even would have said he planned to stay the course on the major issues, that would have been okay, but to have nothing at all shows that events are controlling him, not the other way around, and his only response is to hide in the bunker, occasionally showing up at a rally of those who exist only to cheer for him.  Another thing is that he's always had speech affects which make him easy to mock, but now he seems to have that rising tone of voice every time he says anything - he's become his own mockery.  He really is in cognitive decline and it's accelerating like Covid in Florida...


From: ... Tom (BRIGGUMQ) DelphiPlus Member IconJun-27 7:16 AM 
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Maybe he doesn't plan on serving a second term?



From: Black Cat (NYTSHADE) DelphiPlus Member IconJun-27 1:00 PM 
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I'm sure that he'd be a lot happier in a Xanadu he'd build at Mar-A-Lago with a radio show where he could dole out his turds of wisdumb to the zombies without any of those tiresome responsibilities or bothersome reporters.


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