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From: Black Cat (NYTSHADE) DelphiPlus Member IconOct-11 3:23 PM 
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Relief Bill Has No Chance In Senate

Playbook: “A significant and important chunk of Senate Republicans hate everything about the package that Mnuchin is negotiating with Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and, at this juncture, it has absolutely no chance of even getting brought up in that chamber. The voices were loud and angry.”

“President Trump said Republicans ‘want to do it’ — a stimulus — but Pelosi is the obstacle. That’s true only on opposite day.”

Wonder how Collins, McSally, Ernst and Tillis feel about that.

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From: Black Cat (NYTSHADE) DelphiPlus Member IconOct-11 3:25 PM 
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Or maybe the whole thing has become nothing more than playing politics on the backs of desperate Americans.

Trump May Offer Larger Relief Proposal Than Democrats

White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow told CNN that President Trump may propose a coronavirus stimulus package with an even larger price tag than the $2.2 trillion legislation that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has offered.


From: AlwaysBraveOct-12 11:14 AM 
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McConnell doesn't want to be any place close to another stimulus bill before the election.  The listed senators are in tough races; a stimulus bill likely wouldn't help them.


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From: Black Cat (NYTSHADE) DelphiPlus Member IconOct-12 1:40 PM 
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But the lack of a stimulus bill will absolutely hurt them, especially when it's clear that those blocking the funding that ordinary people need to get through this mess are either Trump or McConnell.  That won't be the sole cause of a lot of Republicans losing, but this is a perfect example of the lie that they have been told forever that, somehow, Republicans are their friends and not Democrats.


From: AlwaysBraveOct-12 2:46 PM 
To: Black Cat (NYTSHADE) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (5 of 20) 
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The supporters of Trump, McConnell, Tillis, Graham don't care if people are hurting even if it's them.  They'll do whatever Trump tells them and reasoning, or trying, is a big waste of time.  They're hopeless.  In the few days remaining before election day, you can't get through to them; they're locked in on supporting Trump and the senators who can bend a knee best.  I'd like to bring a little more sunshine to the immediate outlook, but I can't honestly do that.  

I'm concerned about the future of the republic or, if you prefer, to the country.  What drives Trump supporters?  Something I already mentioned, their passions whether it's their religious text, their firearm,  whatever drives them to the polls. 

I've supported Democrats, Republicans and Independents for political office and have no allegiance to parties.  Debate is always good for the health of the republic and the health of politics.  How we debate is just as important.


From: Black Cat (NYTSHADE) DelphiPlus Member IconOct-12 3:13 PM 
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AlwaysBrave said...

What drives Trump supporters?


Every single thing Trump has offered the people has been based on fear.  Fear of Muslims, fear of brown people, fear of Chinese spreading disease, fear about your "beautiful home in the suburbs," fear about Antifa (which doesn't even exist), fear of "erasing history" if your talking about Confederates, fear, fear, fear...  And all that ever accomplishes is to divide the people into smaller and smaller groups, trusting each other less and less and hopefully - for those who create the fear - driving us into their arms in vain hope of feeling safe.  Yeah, it manifests as hate sometimes, but when you get down to the root, it's fear.  Trump would drag the whole country back to some imaginary past when everything was perfect.  At least for the people he sees as "real" Americans.


From: AlwaysBraveOct-12 3:21 PM 
To: Black Cat (NYTSHADE) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (7 of 20) 
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Fear is a tool used throughout political history; it was true in the Roman Republic.  Your comment hits on my point about division and chaos being a threat to the health of the republic.  Political leaders love creating division, pitting their supporters against the supporters of another.  It may lead to short term political gain but, overall, it wounds the health of the republic.  Every day ordinary American inflict wounds on the republic just as Roman citizens inflicted wounds on the Roman Republic until the republic collapsed.  

We can't take the republic for granted and believe it could never die.


From: Black Cat (NYTSHADE) DelphiPlus Member IconOct-12 3:56 PM 
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+1 to all of that


From: AlwaysBraveOct-12 5:35 PM 
To: Black Cat (NYTSHADE) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (9 of 20) 
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Not being a Democrat, a Republican or taken in by the propaganda of political party platforms, I don't look at an issue through a political party lens.  


From: Black_BeardOct-13 11:39 PM 
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It is just power politics. Both sides use what is available for their cause.



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