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The GOP Has a Big Problem

Harry Enten: “The insurrection and the Electoral College objections to President-elect Joe Biden’s election that preceded and followed it were an ugly milestone in just how divisive the political arena has become in America.”

“But let’s be clear: This wasn’t a both sides issue. The events of the past week are a major point in support of the idea that Republicans are more responsible for the polarization in our country. Wednesday was the culmination of a multi-month effort by the President that was largely bolstered by a number of Republicans.”

They wanted all these deplorables voting for them.  They coddled their insane words and dithered at their deadly deeds.  But the mob always turns against their enablers because that's what mobs do.

And now the party who has enabled everything foul deed perpetrated by Donald Trump has seen the certain result of their coddling in death and destruction and the desecration of the greatest symbol of our democracy.  You can no longer deny who Donald Trump is when their banner flies above the fray.  Mitch tried to give them a last-second warning, but a dozen senators and more than a hundred house Republicans chose to play with fire and now the whole party got burned.  I don't know how is going to do it, but Mitch and maybe people like Romney or Murkowski have to take back the name and the brand of the Repubican party.  People like Hawley and Cruz need to be punished by the party even though just about everybody went along for the first 3 years and 50 weeks of this disaster.  Someone must very publicly repent of Donald Trump and all he represents.  Of course the dead-enders will howl and abandon the party, but there is no alternative.

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Some Republicans Begin to Flee from Trump

“President Trump’s steadfast grip on Republicans in Washington is beginning to crumble, leaving him more politically isolated than at any other point in his turbulent administration,” the AP reports.

“After riling up a crowd that later staged a violent siege of the U.S. Capitol, Trump appears to have lost some of his strongest allies, including South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham. Two Cabinet members and at least a half dozen aides have resigned. A handful of congressional Republicans are openly considering whether to join a renewed push for impeachment.”


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