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Started 1/5/15 by fferraro; 9957 views.
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From: Klewis5



We are using 2020 design as a beta closet company since 2008 I think, our production computer crashes which use buildrite and insight that 2020 built for us. Our machines are no longer receiving machine code for our panels. Only shelves for cams but no holes for our vertical panels. 2020 no longer use buildrite sp they are stumped on the issue. Does anyone have any ideas. I'm thinking something got messed up in the g code when our computer crashed and got restored. Help plz


From: 2KevR


Hi Klewis5,

It's not my area of expertise, but I spoke to a friend who works with g-codes for ProductPlanner and DrillMate and he thinks that 2020 will have to rebuild that part of insight, which they should do if you're still on support with them.  Otherwise, if you'd consider switching to Product Planner, I could pass on my friends contact info...

Sorry I couldn't be more help,


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From: Klewis5


I'm not sure what product planner is but basically all our vertical panels and shelves are custom and we use a skipper for our machining. 2020 knows nothing about why certain features work like cam drilling and hanging strip routing but not vertical hole drilling on our verticals. I know I sound stupid because I have no idea what is wrong. Insight reads vertical data that was used before crash happened and works fine but somewhere a setting got changed I think where it doesn't machine vertical panels correct. 


From: langensiepen


I know this isn't helpful for your current situation but if you manage to fix this, get a decent backup system into place. You ought to have an image backup of the whole computer as well as data backups.

Macrium Reflect is an excellent backup program that allows you to restore an image to an alternative computer and deals with any hardware changes in the process. We use it to maintain our CNC machines and I have bought several cheap (under $100) computers to use if the one attached to the CNC dies.