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Dimensioning   General

Started 1/24/18 by DelvisOne; 487 views.

From: DelvisOne


Is there an easy way to place a dimension to the mid point of a cabinet?  I know if you place an appliance 2020 will automatically generate a dimension to the center of the appliance.  Is there anyway to manually place a dimension like this for a cabinet.  This was a question from a dealer we have, and I can't find an easy way to do this


From: Erbster62


It's really rather easy actually - first make sure that you're Item Snap is activated (bottom right corner of the program) then, using the Line tool under the Annotations Menu, simply float your mouse over the front or back center of the cabinet you want to dimension and the line will "snap" to that cabinet - click and draw the line by moving your mouse. You can then run a dimension from any point or wall to that line 


From: langensiepen


If you want this done every time, you have to alter your Display Scheme:

Right click on a blank area of the drawing window and go to Display Settings. Make a note of the Scheme listed.

Go to the Dimensions Tab and click on the plus symbol against Auto Dimensions then again against Residential then again against Kitchen Cabinets. 

You will now see a breakdown of Base, Wall, Tall and Fillers. Click on (for example) Base and on the right hand side you will see tick boxes. The Continuous (Centre) box will be unticked - tick it and click Apply and you will see the centre measurements pop up. Untick Continuous (Length) if you don't want the other measurements. Repeat this for all the categories you want.

If you want this as your default Scheme for all future drawings, click on Save As and then scroll until you see the Scheme name that you made a note of then click the Save button.



From: DelvisOne


Thanks, this worked perfectly.  I knew there had to be an easy way to do this, I just never had to do this in the past.  Myself, I don't know why 2020 doesn't just add the ability to dimension this way in the first place.  Hopefully in a future version they will add this ability.  Thanks again.


From: langensiepen


It has the ability - read my post. Most kitchen companies don't use them though.