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20-20 design v10 Can it run on WIN10?   Computer Equip

Started 1/24/18 by natjoh; 345 views.

From: natjoh


My all in one computer is running a 2009 BIOS. I'm looking to suggest a new set up to my boss. My angle is that I spend more time trying to get designv10 to run instead of working on projects. The system req's by 20-20 do not say anything about WIN10. Is it not supported or is the info I have old? 

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From: 2KevR


The biggest issue I can see is that the all-in-one computers do not have a dedicated video card (none that I know of) ... this can cause most of the crashing issues.

Check out http://forums.delphiforums.com/2020catalog/messages/3091/2 . In addition to the "Run this program as Administrator" option, you can also select the Compatibility.  I set Win XP Service Pack 3 and it works great in Win10.   

Good luck

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From: langensiepen


It probably isn't the BIOS that is at fault but a 2009 computer is VERY old by any standards. If you are going to hit him up for a new computer then be aware that you should try and get the fastest i7 he can afford but also make sure it has a dedicated graphics card - Nvidia is preferable. It doesn't have to be a mega powerful one as 2020 doesn't use much of the facilities of the card. You could even look at getting a refurb system - I'm saving up for a dual Xeon processor refurb workstation like this:


Get an SSD added as the primary (boot) drive and use the 1TB for storage only and you would have a fast and powerful system for a fraction of the cost of a new one.

As Kev said, make sure you set V10 up to run in compatibility mode and as Admin. 

V11 has much better rendering options so your boss should consider going back on the 2020 annual support and you should upgrade.