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Account Already Exists?   Version 11

Started 4/10/18 by Erbster62; 232 views.

From: Erbster62


The last 2 or 3 updates to version 11 have caused an unusual error that I cannot get a straight answer on from anyone at 2020 ( I know, shocker )

I have several computers in my office which run 2020. Today I loaded version 11.9 on one of them with any problems at all, it installed flawlessly.

However, on the second computer, the installation process went through (almost) the entire process but then at the very end, I got a notification (not an error or error code) but a 'notification' that says "Account Already Exists" and then the ENTIRE installation rolls back and resets back to where it was when it started. 

This same problem has occurred on the last 2 or 3 iterations of Version 11. In the past, to work around it, I've had to uninstall the existing 2020 program completely and then reinstall, of course this means that I also have to reinstall all my catalogs, which is very time-consuming. 

Thoughts or ideas anyone?