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Bigger frame divide when using base custom cabinets?   Version 11

Started 9/19/18 by LexArt; 504 views.

From: LexArt


Hello! I am relatively new to 2020, and am currently using the trial version of 2020 Design to get a feel for it and do some test renders. However, I've hit a bit of a bump with some of the base cabinetry. I'm trying to emulate cabinets with two different styles of drawer faces. Initially I wanted to use base customs, as they seem to be the most versatile and easy to edit. However, I noticed that when I create 2 or more different sections, even if they're both doors or both drawers, there's a larger frame width placed between them than with regular framed door/drawer bases.

I've included an image attachment to show what I mean: on the left is a base door/drawer combo I kind of cheated to make it look like it has a tilt-out door (this also allowed me to have two different styles on the same base). On the right is the same configuration, but using the base custom piece. There's a much bigger frame gap between the door and drawer, no matter how much I resize the door, but it allowed me to use a proper tilt-out door on the bottom. 

Is there a setting that I can change to reduce the frame width on the base custom piece? Or is that just how the base custom pieces are built/is it a limitation of the trial version?

Thank you for any help!

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From: 2KevR


Welcome LexArt,

Great Catch!  This is controlled by a variable called RailHeight1 (which is the rail between configurations) as opposed to InterRailHeight1 (which is the rail within a configuration)  The problem is that in the SAMPLE_F catalog these variables are not visible to be adjusted by the user.  If you want access to these variables, you'd need to also purchase the Catalog Tools software, or work with a catalog creator to make these variables available for you.

You nailed it when you said "I kind of cheated to make it look like it ".  That is the real key to succeeding with 2020.  As a wise man once said "60 percent of the time, it works every time" 


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From: LexArt


Thanks so much for the response! I figured it might just be a part of using the trial version, but wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something right in my face. And that sounds about right, haha, I use Maya frequently too and it's basically the same principle. As long as the render looks okay, do whatever you want to get it there! ;P

I've finished the scene and am just working on lighting it. Got any tips for how to construct natural looking light? Specifically, a sunlit room. 

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