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Changing Cabinet Door Style    Version 9

Started 7/20/19 by HE2020Office; 395 views.

From: HE2020Office


Hello everyone,

 I am in the process of learning 2020 Design V9, specifically Cabinet design.  I am trying to change the style of the door fronts and add hardware.  Is there a way to change the settings so they automatically go?  Or do I have to change each cabinet??

 Thank you for any help with this.



From: GrdHi


Hi Heather,

There is a really easy way to change the style of door fronts and add/modify hardware, Once you have your cabinets in the design : - 

1. Simply go to Items tab (in 2020 - V10.5) and select Styles and Pricing. 

2. A New pop up window will open - on left select your cabinet catalog (in my case it's SAMPLE_E_1 and on right side select :Catalog Syle" tab.

3. Now under "Catalog Style" see 2 columns Style and Value. Double click on value tab (which is empty) and a new pop up window should open. 

4. Repeat same for all doors and drawers. I selected Geneva which gives me Shaker Style cabinets finish. 

5. Then select Door and Drawer Pulls / Handles - repeat same steps double click in value column and new window should open select catalog and your handle style. 

6. And at last step which Species Premium - Double click empty cell and new window will pop up here you would select your wood species and color. and there you go with a completely finished cabinets. 

Hope this was helpful! Have a great day! 


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From: HE2020Office


Thank you so much for your time replying, I am going to see if I am able to do that.  I have Version 9.... 


From: GrdHi


Hi, I am prettry sure in 2020 v9 they also have style and pricing, as i also used to have v9 before i upgraded. 

here is link to a tutorial video i beleive they are using v9. hope this helps


have a great day!