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Stackable Washer/Dryer   General

Started 8/4/19 by Nick117; 282 views.

From: langensiepen


The only other way of doing it is to 'fudge it. In the attached picture, I took a snapshot of the front of one of the pictures you can find on the web and applied it to a picture as a custom texturewhich I then resized to the height and width of the Whirlpool unit. I then stuck the picture on the front of a simple box shape of the same dimensions but with an overal depth matching the whirpool unit.

The picture I used had a frame and I was too tied up on other things to find one without a frame. The principle wortks though and seems to be your only easy option. If you can find a 3D file of some sort for the unit (maybe contact Whirlpool) then there are plenty of people on Fiverr who would be able to turn it into a Sketchup item and others who could build it into a 2020 catalogue.

I also suggest you join the independant Facbook forum as someone there may have a better option for you. I've included the source picture I used.