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2020 Design Zoom to Fit issue   Troubleshooting

Started 11/20/19 by Alpesh91; 427 views.

From: Alpesh91


Hello Kevin,

My Computer is having issue for design use Zoom to fit option it green screen showing,

design showing very small, we try to reinstall 2020 software , but not luck

Please give me any solution, what possibility for this type issue.



  • Edited November 20, 2019 6:28 am  by  Alpesh91

From: 2KevR


This issue is typically isolated to specific designs.  First, try the different tabs at the bottom... All Items, Countertop, Print, etc.  Try zoom to fit on each tab.  Did all the other tabs work, or just some?

Common culprits are stray dimension lines.  Try deleting the sink (and sink cut out).  You can also try removing items from the shopping cart.  These Accessories should be non graphic, however a Switch Items may have replaced it with a graphic version and it may be floating around.

Good luck


From: 2KevR


There is one other trick that might help...

1) If you find a tab at the bottom that does show the plan properly, right click on the plan background and select Display Settings.

2) Click on the Work Area tab

3) Place a check mark next to Display Grid Origin (0,0)

4) Click Apply and OK.

Now on your plan, you should see a circle with crosshairs.  (you may have to zoom out to find it)  Right click on this circle and select Move and place it closer to the center of your design.  Now when you go back to your tab with the green screen, a zoom to fit might help to re-center it.


From: 2KevR


The last trick that I can think of to help fix this would be to copy the design to a new page.  Here's how...

1) from the green screen, click Ctrl+A to highlight everything (it may show up as a blue dot, or you may not see it happening at all)

2) press Ctrl+C to Copy

3) press Ctrl+N to open a new design

4) press Ctrl+V to paste, and left click the mouse to place the plan.

Zoom to fit should work now.  You'll need to re-select your Styles and Pricing options, and add any loose items to your shopping cart. 

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From: langensiepen


Hi Kev,

When I've had that issue, I find that the Ctrl+A usually copies the offending element as well. I find it easier to draw a box TIGHTLY round the kitchen, then Ctrl+C then new design and Ctrl+V etc.

The offending element will usually be outside the drawn box and therefore not copy to the new design.