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How to Show Brown Glaze On Cream Color Painted Cabinets?   General

Started May-28 by AngieSue (AngeLawrence); 258 views.

Hi all. 

Would anyone have a way to show a glaze finish on a cabinet style? The manufacturer that I am using (Greenfield) has it as an option in Styles and Pricing however; it does not show on the rendering. It's a cream color paint with a brown glaze. I am using V12.1 and rendering a "Texture" in either medium or high. Holiday cabinets do not show a glaze either. Not even sure if it's possible which is why I ask all of you folks!




From: 2KevR


Hi Angie,

It's very unlikely that it'll get shown properly.

Some manufacturers do a simple pen glazing in the perimeter of the door profiles, and some do a full wipe of the entire surface, and other will full wipe doors and mouldings, but not panels or fillers. 

If you'd like to show the entire design with full glazing, ideally the manufacturer would have to provide a custom texture to apply on the entire surface.  (You may be able to make your own using the custom texture wizard)  If you'd like to show only the pen glazing, there are only 2 or 3 'free' doors that I found that allow us to change the VGRoove or VDoor2 texture.

Good luck 

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Hi Kevin,

Thanks for your note and reply. I wonder if any manufacturers make a custom glazed texture? It's hard to even imagine what that would look like.

Well, I appreciate the thought. The designer seemed satisfied with the rendering as paint grade cream cabinets; it may have helped that she had since yesterday to accept the reality that glazing is not a finish that actually shows in 2020. It is food for thought and I am convinced there is a way to do it. And someone probably has made that custom texture.

Till next time-



From: myostsr


Take a photo of the large panel on a door sample; use custom textures to place on cabinets.