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version 9 crashing when opening all files. Plus common.sys error   Version 9

Started Mar-21 by ellenmc2; 195 views.
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From: ellenmc2


Hi Kevin,

Thanks for your quick reply. I actually just found that a little bit ago and tried it, but I get all the same errors. I also don't know if this is related to 2020 crashing when I open a file. That's my 1st concern. It's making me nervous I've got a permanent issue.


From: 2KevR


Are your files saved locally on your computer?  Sometimes trying to open a file from a network location or a flash drive can make the file appear to be corrupt.  Try copying files locally somewhere on your c: or d: drives to see if that fixes your issues.

Good luck

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From: ellenmc2


That’s exactly what it was. I had stopped using 2020 for a few years and forgot about the network thing. I called 2020 yesterday and they reminded me of that. 

They also gave me the updated common.sys file from 2016 which was the most current for v9.0. The support guy did a few things to the 2020 file properties and told me after reinstalling I would need to replace my old common.sys file with the newer one, but for some reason, I stopped getting those errors. I don’t want to mess with it now, but I have the file if I need it again.

Here's the file if anyone needs it. As of March 23, 2020 it is the most current common.sys file for version 9.0.
The actual file date is from 2016.

Thanks Kevin!

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