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What have You Learned?   General: Horse-related

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From: Guest


I just was thinking about all of the 'doors' Barbaro opened for us- and thought it might be interesting to label some of those doors.
Would you add what you've learned?

My list of general doors includes (but I know I'll remember more later):
prayer works. You just don't always get the answer you hoped for.
'meeting' so many great people with good hearts
seeing firsthand the magnitude and impact of those good hearts at work
more about horseracing!
the ins and outs of horse trading
more than I ever wanted to know about horse slaughter
more than I thought I'd ever want to know about legislation processes and our government
how to REACH the government
how to feed a horse and other aspects of their care
issues that plague critters other than horses (2 legged, furred, winged, etc)
and that it's truly a small world.

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From: kckellsbells


Hi Anna,

I have learned about the reality of horse slaughter.  Not only here but Mexico and Canada.

I have learned that there are many, many horse lovers out there fighting the good fight to save our horses.

I have learned that rescuing a horse also rescued me.

I have also made many friends here at ABR and it's all due to Barbaro and his legacy!


From: SmartyFan


I've learned about the advances in veterinary medicine, especially orthopedic surgery on horses, that have been made behind the scenes at New Bolton. Those folks are on the leading edge and I'm so happy that they have finally gotten an admiring audience. It has boosted their funding immensely which will help in continuing research into the causes/therapy for laminitis.
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From: swedishkat


I have learned that horse racing people LOVE THEIR HORSES TOO!

That instead of just becoming depressed and start disliking the human race more and more, when you see neglected, starved, abused animals - you CAN actually step up to the plate and DO SOMETHING! You can call authorithies, offer to buy animals from neglecting owners, go to an auction and make a difference in some horses lives etc. I used to just look the other way, and try to make up for it by spoiling my own animals more, and just HURT a lot for the others...

That there are a lot of people out there (here) who thinks the same way I do!!!

:) Kat


From: Guest


I thinks the way you do on this, Kat!

United, we're a veritable force to be reckoned with!

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From: SusanE830


Anna, what a wonderful thread!

Wow, where to start.  I'm sure there will be addendums.

I learned:

More about horse racing than I've learned in the previous 42 years total.

That the vast majority of owners, trainers, grooms, exercise riders really care about the horses, and often just plain love them. Jockeys, too!

Horses' snacking habits--who knew??!!  Sweet potatoes??  Road kill??

How to organize and vigorously pursuit grass-roots issue advocacy on the federal and state levels.

How to cope with the sad, sordid, cruel things that humans do to animals; how to face these things, deal with them, and try to improve them instead of cringing and pretending it doesn't exist.

Spirituality.  I've come to believe in some cosmic spiritual force, in the efficacy and power of positive words and deeds, in the collective power of good people.

....and the people.  This community and the things we do for horses, for all animals, for each other, inspires me 


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From: CherylJone2


that I am not the only person on the planet who fell wildly, crazy in love with horses at the age of five and will never "grow out of it".   Some of us just waited a little later :)  I just love the company

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From: Gannonrose


What a great thread !!!

The door to being a better person was opened to me and the choices to do something about the things that affect me.

The door to the wonderful and not-so-wonderful realities of horse racing.

The door to advocacy of the horse and the many issues surrounding the horse.

The door to new friendships.

The door to shared songs, sorrow, laughter and beliefs.

The door to an amazing horse and the people who surround him.

The door to learning each and every day I am on this site.

The door to learn to take each day as it comes, moment by moment, and savor the many blessings we are given even though we may not recognize them as blessings.


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From: Guest


What i have learned

 Cow Pony Pig Sheep Fox Rooster Mouse is that all gods creatures are here for a reason if it is not appparent at first,

that no matter how bad you think u have it somewhere out there is somebody who is worse off! Thunderstorms  Windy  Tornado 

and that if u don't want to be alone or go thrue it alone all ya got to do is ASK Memo  Cell Phone 3  the FOB famblee will be there!

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From: Guest


lol, Cheryl- my mom says that 'horse' was one of my first words. Batman was another..hehe

You all are terrific- thanks for sharing!

and I agree- there's a bigger cosmic picture than just us in our self-centered little worlds. Maybe we can't see all of it, but to know that it's surrounding us is awe inspiring in itself.