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Kentucky Equine Humane Center Newsletter   Horse Rescue Issues

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From: Mimsforever


OK, FOBs, This is the genuine article. The Kentucky Equine Humane Center is the model for what every state needs; only it needs to be ten times the size and funding.

All equines, all breeds can be dropped off here SAFE FROM SLAUGHTER with no questions asked. They do everything they can possibly  do to place these horses in homes. But euthanasia is an option....preferable to the slaughter house by far.

I know both the women in charge here. They nhave hearts bigger than the whole outdoors. They want every horse to be placed in a happy home. They do all they can, work tirelessly to see each equine under their care is placed. Sometimes, that is impossible, so they do the most humane thing they can possibly do.

You see, this is the best of both worlds for the lazy questions asked. They can walk away. Easy disposal. They can do right by the horse and still get off easy.

This is a worthy 501c.... If I had the money, they'd be getting it from me.


From: Ukcupcake


This organization is having a fundraiser. They are going to have a horse show in which all the proceeds will be used to support the Kentucky equine humane Center (KyEHC). Please go to the discussion about KyEHC Horse Show Fundraising for more informaiton. Or you can e-mail me at Put KyEHC in the subject line of your e-mail. I am tyrying to raise $250.00 so that the FOB's can sponsor a class.

For those of you not familiar with horse shows. They work this way. They can last from one day to a week. There are various classes (similar to different races). Each class is specific. For example one class might be for riders 10 and under and they will only walk and trot. The next class might be Western Pleasure, any age rider. This class would mean the horse should look like a nice pleasurable cowboy type horse. They would have a western saddle, bridle, etc. The person riding would be dressed in cowboy attire. Since this is an All Breeds Class there will be classes for various breeds and types of riding. There is a judge(s). The judge judges each class and decides who will place 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and so on. The winner will get a trophy and a ribbon. The other winners get a trophy. The sponsorship goes to pay for the trophies and ribbons for that class. They sponsor also gets their name in the program and they are announced as the sponsor when they are announcing the winners.



From: Guest


has there been any changes in the law in ky that no horses are to sold for slaughter similar to the laws in california? majela

From: LAM232



I agree with you....this is a great organization filling a HUGE need for the horses in KY. They are about at capacity (have 50 horses last I knew), but they will not turn horses away. No questions asked. They just want the horses safe.

It has always been especially upsetting to me that there is such a need for places like your wonderful Our Mims Retirement Haven, Old Friends, and Kentucky Equine Humane Center in, of all places, Kentucky, the Bluegrass State, known for horses. But, as you and I know so well, it is sadly true. Some of the big farms do care (i.e., the folks at Three Chimneys who have been generous in providing your organization and Old Friends with halters to auction off), but so many could do so much more for the own horses in their own state.


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From: Mimsforever


No kidding, Linda. If everyone just gave a little we'd all be fine.  Three Chimneys has been wonderful to us. Others have been great, too.

I just received a letter asking for help with a mare, no, not from her owner, from the owner of one of her foals! The mare, now 21 will soon go to auction. It's times ike this when I wish I could just buy the hundred acres next door. My heart is breaking. That mare is going to be so scared and there is nothing I can do.

Lori and Staci had a great idea in this humane center. It still gives owners an easy way out but it protects the horse.

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From: Ukcupcake