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Big Red or Big Brown   Horse Racing

Started by corset17; 490 views.

From: corset17


Hiya Guys Soapbox  Check Mark 

Meagan, my daughter has bought this to my attention, on Fox news ( there is a debate going on regarding The Great Secretariat and Big Brown, which one is greater.

Well my two cents are being put forth.  Secretariat is my man. and there will never ever be another one like him. Yes Big Brown is awesome and such, but the idea that he is "takes drugs" disturbs me.  So no to drugs.  His race was awesome and he didnt break a sweat, i have often watched youtube and watched secretariat burn rubber and pass the other horses as if they were standing still, Secretariat "need for speed" on the backstretch at Belmont, in my opinion is one of the greatest sporting fetes of sports.  Last night hubby and i was watching Frazier and ali in Manila, and from understanding this fight was label as one of the greatest again my opinion boringgggggggggg but yet when i watch Secretariat fly down and pass the other horses at the preakness and again at Belmont, chills people chills are sent down my spine.  Long Reign Secretariat

jumps off my soap box




From: Kbuckeye1


Can I join you on the soap box? Because I'm right there with you.

1. Who did Big Brown beat? He didn't exactly have strong competition. (Remember Sham?)

2. He didn't set records. (Secretariat did.)

3. Bondo'd hooves? Am I the only one nervous about this? (Secretariat retired sound).

He probably will win the Triple Crown, but he's not Secretariat. It will be a badly needed shot in the arm for horse racing, but we FOBs are going to continue to make our voices heard.

Kathy (not biased at all in terms of my beloved Big Red, no sireee........)


From: LindaVA3


This is no contest.  Big Brown is NO WHERE CLOSE to Secretariat.  Period.  End of discussion.

From: Lorene1950


Big Brown is awesome, and I truely believe he'll be the next triple crown winner! He's the real deal, and I want him to win the triple crown. 30 years is long enough! GO BIG BROWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He is not SECRETARIAT though, he didn't break Big Red's Derby time, or his Preakness time. I really don't think he can beat Big Red's Belmont world record of 2:24 flat. I don't think any race horse ever will! I hope Big Brown comes close, but their will never be another SECRETARIAT! He's my boy, for all time.
Have a good day, Lorene

From: LindaVA3


I can't believe they are being discussed in the same breath.  We're gonna need a bigger box.

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From: Guest



 I'm with you. I respect Big Brown's talent ( and I do want a new Triple Crown Winner) but I still haven't seen a horse alive in the same league as Secretariat.For me , there will never be any better.



From: MJ42903


Big Red hands down.  I can't even believe they are discussing this.  His times have been average (I believe Barbaro beat him)  his competition is average.  Plus, I agree the drug thing as well as every time they show his owners they are talking about money has turned me off.

I do wish Big Brown well, as the poor horse has done nothing wrong.  If his story becomes about drugs that will really hurt racing.

I have wondered, if he didn't have these legal steriods would Eight Belles have won?

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From: SlewReigns


Hi Ann,

You know me and my love for Secretariat, Seattle Slew, Barbaro and a few more great champions.  I agree with what you say, but....

I think the Fox news was picking up on what Penny Chenery said yesterday after the race with Big Brown's 5 1/4 length lead in the Preakness after the final turn and how he accelerated the way he did.  I posted this earlier on another thread today.



Found a quote from Penny Chenery, Secretariat's owner, regarding the Belmont in our paper here today.  Penny said, "I plan to be on hand for the History making try on June 7th."

She then said, "I don't know whether Secretariat can stay with him (Big Brown) or not."  "I won't speculate how that would come out, because we haven't seen him at that long a distance.  But you have that big sweeping race track.  I think he's going to do just fine."


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From: Guest


They're on the turn, and Secretariat is blazing along! The first three-quarters of a mile in 1:09 and four fifths. Secretariat is widening now! He is moving like a TREMENDOUS machine! Secretariat by twelve, Secretariat by fourteen lengths on the turn! Sham is dropping back. It looks like they'll catch him today, as My Gallant and Twice a Prince are both coming up to him now. But Secretariat is all alone! He's out there almost a sixteenth of a mile away from the rest of the horses! Secretariat is in a position that seems impossible to catch. He's into the stretch. Secretariat leads this field by eighteen lengths, and now Twice a Prince has taken second and My Gallant has moved back to third. They're in the stretch. Secretariat has opened a twenty-two length lead! He is going to be the Triple Crown winner! Here comes Secretariat to the wire. An unbelievable, an amazing performance! He hits the finish twenty-five lengths in front! It's going to be Twice a Prince second, My Gallant third, Private Smiles fourth, and Sham, who had it today, dropped back to fifth.

(1973 Belmont race caller Chic Anderson)

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From: Lorene1950


Thank you for writing that....there is no horse, past, present, future like the "tremendous machine" that was Secretariat! He's our horse for a lifetime! THE GREAT "BIG RED"