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NO horses sold to kill/Sugar Creek   Horse Rescue Issues

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JenFL (jswan0415)

From: JenFL (jswan0415)


Can't Stop the Beat-

Our words are getting heard. Here is an email I received from "Can't Stop the Beat"'s breeder. She called him Jaimie and cannot wait to talk to Michelle who has him now. She saw the article I wrote a couple months ago. She told me I could share this with others.
  I'm writing to you in regards to the article of July 10 about Can't Stop The Beat. I'm Leslie Russo and my vet in KY forwarded the article to me after they saw my name in it. Obviously I'm very grateful to your organization for saving Jamie's (that's what we called him when he was born) life and would like to know if you could possibly forward my information to Michelle Caroli so if possible she can let me know how he is.
  We certainly had no idea about his being sent to auction as he had shown up on my stable mail not long before. As breeders of thoroughbred horses it's very difficult to follow the paths of these horses but we do our best by adding them to our stable mail and following up with the trainers after we haven't had any reports for a time. We have been updated on some of our charges by people contacting us to ask about the history of the horses they have purchased and in this way have followed the careers of some we have bred that have been retired. We also have been blessed by organizations such as yours that have saved not only Jamie but leslie Jones (my namesake actually)a filly we bred that was abandoned in NY and subsequently was named in the title of the book The Saving of Leslie Jones published by the TRF in order to raise funds.
  Jamie was a special young man as he was born extremely crooked and possibly would have been euthanized had he been born on a larger farm. From his birth he had such spirit that you could only respect his desire to succeed and live-he was bandaged from the day he was born so his crooked little legs would not snap from the pressure of his misshapen bones. Even his ears were crooked but nobody told him-he would proudly jog down the shed row in front of his Mom every day to go out and play-away from the other foals lest he get too active- and run and grow and become the beautiful young man that he is now. When he was sold as a yearling his x-rays were perfect and he looked like he was destined for stardom but as we watched his career it wasn't to be. He thrived in the slop which led us to believe that he had "issues" and we followed his career loyally. What a shock it was to see the article that informed us what his fate could have been. We are a small farm and have had a rough couple of years plagued with poor health on my part and 3 major surgeries on our best brood mares but we do love our stock and do our best. Let me once again say thank you to you and organizations like yours that continue the battle when we are not able.
   Should you be able to forward this to Michelle I would be grateful as I would love to hear how our Jamie is settling in to his new home. Thanks once again and God Bless You!
                                                                               Leslie Russo

"Be kinder than necessary,

for everyone you meet is

fighting some kind of battle." 
Remember.....Just going to church doesn't make you a Christian any more than standing in your garage makes you a car. 

From: swedishkat


How awesome!! I just LOVE these kind of happy endings (how can you NOT!!)

I think I'll add this post to our OTTB wiki-page - too good to pass up  :))   Kat

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JenFL (jswan0415)

From: JenFL (jswan0415)


April's Serenity and Savannah Jane

Well, yesterday was very rough on this little filly but she is doing much better today. There will not be much "play time" for her so we have been spending this time working with her in the stall.
I just came in from the barn, we doctored April's wounds and gave her the antibiotics. Although the doctor recommended that we put Ace in Savannah's feed (Mama) before working with her because of her severe trust issues with humans Brad and I have elected not to do that yet and leave it as a last resort.
When we doctor April we put her in the stall across the aisle from her Mom. So we have decided to take advantage of this time and after we are done doctoring he spends time with Mom and I spend time with baby. Tonight Brad was able to start to groom Savannah. This poor mare, I cannot imagine what was done to her before she even got to the kill auction (pregnant I might add) but you can see she wants to desperately to trust. She is truly trying. Anyway he was able to brush her which is a big step for her. I worked with April (her baby) in the other stall and what a trooped. She took her medicine like a champ and then we did some bonding.
Here are some pictures from yesterday ... today she looks so much better it is amazing. She really clocked herself good at full gallop... These are a wee bit gruesome ... but it had a happy ending. I will take picture tomorrow so you can see the difference. Her right eye is no longer swollen and she is back to her feisty little self.
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From: MaryLOhio


(hope this works for you, I put it in my Google Documents so hope the photos show up! let me know)


Spirit's Home

Spirit, one of the pregnant paint mares from the Memorial SAve is home tonight. She has been adopted by one of our FANTASTIC past adopters... Andrea!!


Here is an email from Andrea tonight. I am so happy for Spirit... it is such a loving family.


I want to thank you all for allowing Spirit to come live with us!  We drove to the Mita farm to pick Spirit up and as I was talking to the ladies in the barn Tyler was already getting her halter on and leading her to the trailer.  She loaded up like a perfect ANGEL for him.  Like they have been friends for a along time.  He turned her fan on and talked to her until I got to the trailer.  On the way home we stopped to pick her up some apples and that was like sealing the deal she new then she was at her forever home.  When we got her home and she litterally jumped out of the trailer like she was flying home!!  She then got her welcome home bath then we introduced her to the rest of the family. Tyler has been down in the barn since she has been home making sure she is fine and giving her plenty of hay and apples!!  he really has a new best friend.  he came up from the barn and told me that he has changed his mind and he is giving up going to the Taylor Swift/Rascal Flatts concert tonight so he can make sure she is going to well for her first night with us.  He is going to use HIS money  that he was going to spend at the concert for her ultrasound.  So HE can make sure that the baby is doing well!  We will keep you posted as we go through this next phase in all of our lives.

Thank you SOOOOO  much!

Andrea, Tyler, Charles, Lyle and the rest of the gang

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From: MaryLOhio


Willie (aka Justice) is HOME


Well they did not have a chance to take Willy on the trail at Okeeheelee which they were hoping to do but they have ridden him at their home and....most importantly they have fallen in love. Willy is home.

If any of you think Willy is just too cute remember we have a few more Willy's, their names are Jackson and Apollo

This is from Val his Mom...

Here is Willy and his best buddy Toby. The horses are still working out their hierarchy issues, so in Willy's mind, the pig rocks!

Jennifer Swanson

Pure Thoughts Inc.

Horse & Foal Rescue

19181 Capet Creek

Loxahatchee, FL 33470

Saving the life of a horse may not change the world...........

........but it will change that horse's world.


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From: Guest


This is great Mary, thank you so much!!!

I have another update to send you too.



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From: MaryLOhio


This horse is very special to me...He was very sick with strangles when I first saw him, and I spent 5 days nursing him back to health. I had some amazing help from another woman devoted to helping horses, Chris Judy.

There were a lot of hours spent together with just the three of us. It was a lot of hard work, and there were a lot of tears, especially at the beginning when he was so sick...but there were also a lot of smiles and joy, especially when Tolley got better each day. He would give us "horsy hugs!"

He is young (only 6 years old) and has his whole life ahead of him! He deserves the BEST HOME...

Michelle Tolley

From Jennifer Swanson:
Hey Everyone,

I want to introduce you to a very special boy whose life was now saved twice. Once at auction and once by his angels posed as nurse's. He was very sick. He got Strangles and had 11 abcesses....we almost lost him. But thanks to Chris Judy and Michelle Tolley he is alive to day and doing FABULOUS... Tolley is now ready for his forever home. He is going on thr available for adoption page.....he is a beauty...and so sweet. I have attached his pictures.


Tolley.jpg picture by MaryLOhio   Tolley3.jpg picture by MaryLOhio  Tolley2.jpg picture by MaryLOhio


Tolleys_Casanova-Touch3.jpg picture by MaryLOhio   Tolleys_Casanova-Touch2.jpg picture by MaryLOhio  

Tolleys_Casanova-Kiss2.jpg picture by MaryLOhio

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From: MaryLOhio


Today Brad got on Jackson and it was so darn cute.. Jackson is one of our Big Goofy Standardbreds.. I swear God must have been chucking when he made Standardbreds because the look they give you .... You just cannot help but smile ... and they are such a loving breed. You can see the ones that have not been treated well ... they are so apprehensive and afraid but they want to trust you.
Once they begin to trust ... well forget it.. you have them. They just follow you around like.. WHAT ARE WE DOING NOW??
Well, anyway, Brad got on Jackson and it was so darn cute... Brad got up there and Jackson turned around and looked up at him like.. "Mister what are you doing up there?" Then Brad did voice command to move forward and Jackson started and a walk and right into a trot just like.. ok but hold on ... you are supposed to be in a buggy not on my back. He went into this HUGE trot. These Standardbreds have such great minds ... it is very easy to cross them into riding horses as well as carriage horses.
Here are some pictures of Jackson and his buddy Apollo.
Here is Apollo with Alexa
Apollo.jpg picture by MaryLOhio
Jackson and Carol
Jackson.jpg picture by MaryLOhio
Look at this sweet face
Jackson1.jpg picture by MaryLOhio
Jackson20amp3B20Apollo.jpg picture by MaryLOhio
Jackson20amp3B20Apollo1.jpg picture by MaryLOhio

From: swedishkat


I'm a sucker for BIG heads! Very cute!!                            :) Kat
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From: MaryLOhio


Here is the update on Billy, the real skinny Belgian from the Miracle Save that we thought we would have to put down when he arrived. It seems everytime we cross one hurdle we come smack dab into another one. This boy really wants to live and is so sweet so as long as he is willing to fight.. so are we!!! He has gained about 250 pounds, still has at least 400 to go.
You can see his girlfriend Hannah, who we used to lovingly call Battleship because of the condition she was in, with her head out watching her guy. She is another one we thought we would have to put down. Her infection and injuries were so bad at the auction.. he entire left side of her face was unrecognizable and she had terribly infect wounds along her right side of her body. She must have been in an accident and then never treated and once the infection got so bad they just sent her to auction.
They are thinking he had an injury as a young horse ... well Billy is still a young horse. He is less than 10. So what we think they did was stall bound him.. that is why he use to circle in his stall so much. Then when they realized he was not getting better they quit feeding him and caring for him ... the reason why he was so skinny...
Sooo... once we got him here we thought we would have to put him down but then he started to gain weight and became more mobile. So we turned him out more thinking it would be good for his atrophied muscle. But then the more active he became the more it aggravated the leg which ... at the fetlock had a pocket of infection. To tell you how old the infection was there was scar tissue around the pocket. So this was probably an injury that did heal but there was always an infection there.
Doctors have been caring for Billy since the day he arrived. This boy has been quite the medical case... he is such an example of horrible neglect. Everytime we think we have it handled we discover something new, Billy was getting penicillin and his leg sweated. By sweating his leg we were loosening up that pocket of infection. The last doctor had us take him of the antibiotic. About 3 days after that I told Brad that this did not look good at all, it looked like cellulitis and he needs to be on a strong antibiotic.. I was thinking of Diane's Belgian, Jigsy at the time and how fast he went down. So we took he and Hannah to Mida yesterday and had Dr. Naomi Katzowitz, one of our FAVORITES LADIES IN THE WORLD, who is also an awesome doctor out today. She did an ultrasound and boom there it was.. a pocket of infection but it was hard to see because of the scar tissue around it. Se she took some of the fluid and is doing a culture, she also drained the pocket in two places and then flushed it internally with a solution and he is back on Penicillin. She will be back tomorrow.
That is the scary things about legs.. There can be an infection brewing inside and you never know it because there is not any outer wound. These Belgians are worked by the Amish so hard and the majority of them are not properly tended to and cared for and this is why they end up at the slaughterhouse.
Keep Bill yin your prayers please, it has been a long road for him and he has a long one ahead of him. He wants to live... and we are going to do everything that can be done to make sure that he does.
Billy at the auction
Billy about a month after he arrived
IMGP0452.jpg picture by MaryLOhio
After the Ultrasound...
IMGP1100.jpg picture by MaryLOhio
After taking a culture and draining they began to flush it
IMGP1102.jpg picture by MaryLOhio
IMGP1103.jpg picture by MaryLOhio
Sometimes drugs can be a good thing
IMGP1104.jpg picture by MaryLOhio
There is Hannah on the right.
IMGP1107.jpg picture by MaryLOhio
IMGP1109.jpg picture by MaryLOhio
IMGP1110.jpg picture by MaryLOhio
Will keep everyone posted on Sweet Billy!!