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Started by Established Law (EstblshdLaw); 6786 views.

Hey everyone, I am posting this for Rachael, as her internet is down, but should be up and running shortly. We went to the track today to see these horses.

1. Edna High -- 3 y/o chesnut mare : Edna has found a home and is on her way to Diana's, but Rachael had to front the money for her. Her bail is 200.00

2. My Funny Face -- 4 y/o chesnut gelding and is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Said would be fine doing anything other than 3 day eventing and racing, I believe he has a chip but Rachael will verify later. This horse may have a home offer, and his bail is 300.00

3. Playthelastcard -- 3 y/o bay gelding. Rachael can give the info on him, I saw so many today I forget his story. His bail is 300.00

4. Shorty Cain -- 5 y/o bay gelding. HUGE all the way around, good weight, big in size. The trainer explained to me that he "almost" had a slab and has the X-rays to see. He lost 30% flexion but with surgery would lose 40% flexion. He has already had 45 days of stall rest and they think he should recover to have some type of job. His bail is 200.00

Sorry to be so uncertain about some of them, Rachael will be able to tell more when she gets her internet hooked up.

Total Bail Needed is : 1,000.00

ALSO : Never Enough Wyns is on her way to Diana's as well. I will post pictures of all of them shortly.


Edited to add: Rachael's paypal account is

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This is My Funny Face

104_0453.jpg My Funny Face picture by mountaineerracetrack

104_0450.jpg My Funny Face picture by mountaineerracetrack

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This is Edna High (first) and Never Enough Wyns (2nd)

104_0475.jpg picture by mountaineerracetrack

104_0469.jpg picture by mountaineerracetrack

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And this is Shorty Cain (1st) and Playthelastcard (2nd)

104_0467.jpg picture by mountaineerracetrack

104_0464.jpg picture by mountaineerracetrack


104_0456.jpg picture by mountaineerracetrack


From: Guest


They are gorgeous!

So what do we need? Bail $$ for all?? If so, what's the deadline?

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For My Funny Face and Playthelastcard - the trainer said by Monday.

For Shorty Cain - the trainer said "he would really like to find something for him SOON." He's been layed up for 45 days, says the trainer, so I can't imagine he wants him there much longer. If we can't find a home for this one, I will bring him to my farm, atleast to hold him until something else comes up.

Edna High and Not Enough Wyns left today, but Rachael needs 200.00 back that she had to front so that Edna could leave with Wyns today.

Bail does need to be raised by all of them, I know that it's short short notice and they are all sooo sweet.



From: midknight1


Does $1000 need to be raised for all 4 and do you have placements?  Can you post donation info.  How long do we have?


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Rachael (srparis2)

From: Rachael (srparis2)


We had Diana coming this morning for two free mares, at the last minute one found a home and the third free mare is at another track and couldn't get shipped to Mountaineer in time.  We had Diana ready to take two horses, Edna High was our next in line (and no more free horses available), so I went ahead and paid for her and put her on the trailer.

Playthelastcard has a chip on the outside of the joint.  The vet feels it shouldn't be bothering him, but he is lame on it.  His last race was on Tuesday.

I think Amy covered the rest of the details.  If anybody is interested in these horses, feel free to call me at 304-564-5958 or 304-479-3253.



Rachael (srparis2)

From: Rachael (srparis2)


It would be great to find some private buyers.  I'll wait for Diana to get on here, but I believe if nothing else can be figured out she'll come back for My Funny Face and Playthelastcard.  She was at the track with us this morning.  We would also need to cover her gas.


EDNA HIGH is Placed already and on her way to Diana's. BAIL is 200.00

Playthelastcard needs placement and bail is 300.00 - Deadline is Monday

My Funny Face needs placement and bail is 300.00 - Deadline is Monday

Shorty Cain - If a private buyer would take him, that would be great BUT if not I can hold him and pay for his bills until something else is found. His bail is 200.00 - Deadline is soon.

For a TOTAL of 1000.00 (+ Gas if Diana takes Playthelastcard and My Funny Face)

Donations can be sent to Rachael @

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