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Two geldings at LaDowns need homes ASAP   Horse Rescue Issues

Started by LynsWins; 39 views.

From: LynsWins


From an email I got from LOPE this AM. THanks for networking for these boys! Btw, I don't have pictures or know any more than what is in the email. If you have questions, please contact Lynn Rourke at LOPE!


LOPE Texas Logo
Two Geldings Need Homes ASAP!
Located at Louisiana Downs racetrack, in Shreveport, LA

LOPE has just learned of two geldings that are in need of homes right away:

It's a Boy: 9 year old @16.1H chestnut gelding. This horse is big, good looking and very athletic. He is sound and full of energy. Has arthritis in one ankle but should be good for all non-racing activities. Big-bodied and muscular, he would be an ideal mount for a taller man. This horse is extra special to the trainer.

Rip The Page: 6 year old @16.1H dark bay (looks almost black) gelding. This boy is big and kind. Good personality, mild-mannered, likes people. Very handsome too! He has old scar tissue in one ankle (from an old infection long ago), but is sound for riding. Trainer thinks he'll let down from the track quickly. Nice horse!

Both of these horses need to be placed ASAP. They have worked hard and run well for their trainer. He wants to be sure they get a good life after racing -- they will be free to good homes only. They are located at Louisiana Downs racetrack, in Shreveport, LA.

If you can give one or both of these horses a home, please contact Cliff Haydel at 727-457-3376.

The LOPE Ranch is full at the moment, and we appreciate all of your help in networking for these horses in need. Thank you!

LoneStar Outreach to Place Ex-Racers (LOPE) is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit devoted to providing new careers for retiring racehorses of all breeds in Texas. Through its online services and ranch adoption center, LOPE has transitioned over 600 Texas ex-racehorses into new homes since 2003.

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From: mousemistres


Bump for LA geldings !

From: swedishkat


I really like It's A Boy's pedigree   He is a great grandson of Damascus and has Buckpasser next...

Here is Rip The Page's pedigree (he has Damascus in 4th generation and Seattle Slew too...)

Hope these guys can be rehomed - and they are FREE!!! How about that! Kudos to owner!!                             :) Kat


From: MaryAinMI


Bump for two wonderful sounding TBs in Louisiana!

From: Guest


I just got an email back from Bailey at NV, TN facility. She would be happy to take them, if transport can be arranged.

Edited to say: Just spoke with Cliff. Lady coming out from TX tomorrow to see them, and he will call me if it does not work out..


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From: MaryAinMI


Wonderful news!!  Keep us posted!!

From: murbay1


Bumping this up. These guys need help with transport only. Does anone know where they are going and how far they need to travel. Can we get some kind of figures here,
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From: Guest