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Edgar Prado-Saratoga weds--wow!!   Horse Racing

Started by whitney23187; 20 views.

From: whitney23187


Did anyone see what he did at Saratoga yesterday?? My mouth is still hanging open. I got DISH network installed yesterday just so I could have horse racing channel and TVG. So I see a summary of today's(weds) races at Saratoga(hope it is everyday) and he rode in several races--here is summary of 8th

EIGHTH RACE: In $80,000 De La Rose overnight stakes at mile on inner turf, Jade Queen set pace along rail, pressed by Rasta Farian, who made her bid turning for home. Neither had anything left, however, and as they faded, Trouble Maker, 10-1 under Eibar Coa despite losing by just neck to 2-1 favorite Stormy West last out on Belmont lawn, rallied to lead in mid-stretch. Just when she looked home free, 3-1 Carriage Trail, Edgar Prado riding for Shug McGaughey, came with flying finish to nail Trouble Maker in final stride.

 but it was the 9th I am still in amazement about... it was the Fleet Indian Stakes and Edgar was on Ice Cool Kitty...and THANKS to horse racing channel for replaying this with a head on view and pointing out to watch "great horsemanship".....not far from the finish Edgar is on rail and Javier Castellano was outside him on Precise Lady and he lost a rein....Edgar calmly looked over, saw what happened and without missing a stride or a beat, he took his whip, reached down, got the rein and with the whip handed it up to Castellano--all the while riding his horse very well and intensely--he finished third...he did it so calmly and effortlessly it was unbelievable to me. Horse Racing Channel then said something like 'no wonder he will be inducted into the hall of fame monday'.

From: Sijay11


Hi Whitney!!  And thanks so much for the report - always love to hear anything regarding Edgar, but these 2 stories are sooooo cool.  It's great that you now have access to those racing channels - feel free to share as often as you like and thanks again!!



From: whitney23187



i have meant to email you a zillion times--i will in next day or so but have missed you and your love for Edgar--hope you are okay?!?!?

What great stories! That will teach me to watch TVG more than I do (and I do hog the tv from hubby all the time! LOL!).  That statement by HRTV, "no wonder he will be inducted into the hall of fame monday'" says it all in a nutshell! :)

From: whitney23187


i can't remember exact quote but it was something like that--it took them 4 and half hours to get DISH installed--heck if i know why--and they still got it wrong and are coming back but at least i got to watch it enough to know i will be glad i switched....and when i knew zenyatta would not be shown on anything i could get this weekend and neither would BB i ordered it.........i am so glad they replayed it like that and the 8th race he really did come flying to win it

From: godmom2


From the Equibase Charts:

"ICE COOL KITTY set the pace under pressure along the backstretch with the rider [Edgar] reaching out with the whip to assist the rider of PRECISE LADY [Javier] to regain his right rein at the half mile pole, maintained a slim lead to the top of the stretch, relinquished the lead to the winner in upper stretch and weakened late while getting nipped for place."

It was pretty amazing!


From: Kbuckeye1


Edgar is truly a class act. And to think how clumsy I can be just walking.........and he's riding an animal hurtling along at 40 miles an hour or so.......and does this........




From: hornsix1


Your description of the 9th race made me determined to see it in replay! I found it in "head on" on! Wow! Amazingly smooth move! Edgar Prado is a real "jockey's jockey"! He's got it all and he's so modest to boot!

BTW - I watched Jewels of the Triple Crown the other night. Thanks for the recommendation. It was SO enjoyable. So much great vintage footage! Made me a bit sad, though, seeing footage of Big Red, Slew, Affirmed and Alydar-- all still alive and in retirement when the documentary was made-- now all gone from us. How I wish I could have been old enough to see them and appreciate them when they were here!



"His neigh is like the bidding of a monarch, and his countenance enforces homage. When I am bestride him, I soar. I am a hawk; He trots the air: The earth sings when he touches it." ------ Wm. Shakespeare

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From: whitney23187


where exactly did all  that happen in the race--i was so stunned wasn't sure if close to the wire or not--thought it was down the stretch...........

so glad you enjoyed Jewels of Triple Crown--it is interesting.


From: whitney23187


oh--i missed this and i guess the bolded part was to correct me and where i thought it was--just asked Monica where exactly it was since she had seen the head on shot at calracing---was so quick last night i could barely grasp--thx for correction!