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Who Killed "Heavenly Perfect" aka Melody   Horse Racing

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JenFL (jswan0415)

From: JenFL (jswan0415)


Just with every sector of every industry there are good and bads. About a month and a half back I did an article about Can't Stop The Beat. A gorgeous chestnut OTTB gelding that we saved during the Memorial Day Save. I am not computer savvy to post the article that I wrote but here it is from Bits & Bridles.


Yesterday morning I woke up to this email.. it made me feel good. It showed another side of the racing industry.

Our words are getting heard. Here is an email I received from "Can't Stop the Beat"'s breeder. She called him Jaimie and cannot wait to talk to Michelle who has him now. She saw the article I wrote a couple months ago. She told me I could share this with others.
  I'm writing to you in regards to the article of July 10 about Can't Stop The Beat. I'm Leslie Russo and my vet in KY forwarded the article to me after they saw my name in it. Obviously I'm very grateful to your organization for saving Jamie's (that's what we called him when he was born) life and would like to know if you could possibly forward my information to Michelle Caroli so if possible she can let me know how he is.
  We certainly had no idea about his being sent to auction as he had shown up on my stable mail not long before. As breeders of thoroughbred horses it's very difficult to follow the paths of these horses but we do our best by adding them to our stable mail and following up with the trainers after we haven't had any reports for a time. We have been updated on some of our charges by people contacting us to ask about the history of the horses they have purchased and in this way have followed the careers of some we have bred that have been retired. We also have been blessed by organizations such as yours that have saved not only Jamie but leslie Jones (my namesake actually)a filly we bred that was abandoned in NY and subsequently was named in the title of the book The Saving of Leslie Jones published by the TRF in order to raise funds.
  Jamie was a special young man as he was born extremely crooked and possibly would have been euthanized had he been born on a larger farm. From his birth he had such spirit that you could only respect his desire to succeed and live-he was bandaged from the day he was born so his crooked little legs would not snap from the pressure of his misshapen bones. Even his ears were crooked but nobody told him-he would proudly jog down the shed row in front of his Mom every day to go out and play-away from the other foals lest he get too active- and run and grow and become the beautiful young man that he is now. When he was sold as a yearling his x-rays were perfect and he looked like he was destined for stardom but as we watched his career it wasn't to be. He thrived in the slop which led us to believe that he had "issues" and we followed his career loyally. What a shock it was to see the article that informed us what his fate could have been. We are a small farm and have had a rough couple of years plagued with poor health on my part and 3 major surgeries on our best brood mares but we do love our stock and do our best. Let me once again say thank you to you and organizations like yours that continue the battle when we are not able.
   Should you be able to forward this to Michelle I would be grateful as I would love to hear how our Jamie is settling in to his new home. Thanks once again and God Bless You!
                                                                               Leslie Russo

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From: Guest


Awww...Bless her heart! I LOVE German Shepherds, my husband brought his white shepherd to the marriage and we had her for almost 15 years! She was so loyal, strong and brave.

Thank you for saving this dog! And it sounds like you have found her a home... That is awesome!

Take care,


From: Guest


Oh Jen, this is truly heat-warming to read the words of a woman who really cares about her horses, and yet she had to learn the hard way that her horses are not safe if they are not winning races. I do hope she will turn her concerns into action, as there are things she and others can do differently at the breeder's level to ensure they are kept safe.

Your articles are powerful Jen, and they reach a lot of people. And now Melody's article...Her story is reaching out across America - and the world - to make a difference for other racehorses that are being raced with injuries.

Thanks for sharing this...


From: adelman3


The only comfort with Melody and the Shire is  that they where loved and pampered at the sad end.  They still cared for humans who horribly betrayed them.  They had  clean stalls, treats, baths, grooming with loving care.

It is very hard reading stories and viewing photo's of those who have been abused but I can't imagine the care takers who have to make the best but horrible decision to euthanize and say goodbye after establishing a bond.

I still cannot or will ever view Melodys last race at River Downs because I know it  must tell the true story of her struggeling to win with serious injuries.

Thanks for all you do and staying strong to go on!!



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From: Guest


No he won't return calls or reply to emails. I would be very suprised if he did. He's a hard man. In it to win. And has large numbers of horses. A seemingly unending number of horses. He isn't afraid to chew through them.

They are on a 6-7 day work schedule. If they don't work or there is more time than the 6-7 days there is likely a very legitimate reason. He's as easy to predict as the tides.

I will say though that had never thought of him as someone who filled trucks for the packers. Maybe I wanted to think better of him. Maybe I was blind. Or too young or to blind or unknowledgable. Though I guess although he didn't strike me as one of "those" people I guess  way deep down I'm not that shocked.

People in the horse industry. the back yard peple contribute to a small degree. I try to stand up for racing. And I do love this sport, I just don't really like most people in it. They'll let you down when you see your "mentor's" name in an article like this. It's quite a slap in the face.

I am sorry. I will sign petitions or do whatever I can to help. This isn't right and it needs to end!


From: adelman3



Doug Murray called from the TPB  I gave him all your numbers and he's asking many questions and calling you.  Answered most as i could.     His number is 410-398-2261 ext 259

Jen   a

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From: Jana921


now at 737 signatures on petition

From: Guest


I just sent it on to a hundred or so very good horse loving friends
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From: swedishkat


THANK YOU, for spreading the word!

It was up to 763 signatures earlier today, when I signed on...                Kat