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RIP - Mighty Beau   Horse Racing

Started by godmom2; 66 views.

From: godmom2


RIP to a trooper, who would have been a candidate for the Top Bunk List.

Mighty Beau

9yo gelding

75 starts, 12 - 19 - 10, for lifetime earnings of  $645,996.


2004 1st Beck Auto Group Turf Sprint Hcp. [L] ($60,000, LS) $100,000
2005 1st Aegon Turf Sprint S. [G3] ($113,500, CD)
2001 2nd Juvenile S. [N] ($4,780, RP) $21,740
2002 2nd Smile Handicap [L] ($20,000, AP) $100,000
2002 2nd Shakertown S. [L] ($17,010, KEE) $85,050
2002 2nd Nureyev S. [L] ($16,890, KEE) $84,450
2004 2nd Aegon Turf Sprint S. [G3] ($114,700, CD)
2005 2nd Shakertown S. [G3] ($113,300, KEE)
2005 2nd Taylor's Special Handicap [L] ($20,000, FG) $100,000
2001 3rd Oklahoma Classics Juvenile S. [OR] ($5,940, RP) $50,000
2002 3rd Kentucky Cup Turf Dash S. [L] ($10,000, KD) $100,000
2004 3rd Hollywood Turf Express Handicap [G3] ($150,000, HOL)
2006 3rd Texas Glitter Handicap [O] ($5,700, CD) $69,600

He ran for a $4K claiming tag at Penn National in the third race last Sunday - a 4 1/2 furlong sprint on the dirt.

Pulled up mid-stretch.  Euthanized.

Trained by James Taglianetti

Owned by Michael Gill . . . .  



From: jamielsg


I just don't have anything positive to say except..........see you in Heaven Sweet deserved so much better.  You and Wanderin' Boy are eternally safe more pain......only joy.  Thank you for letting us know.  I did not know this horse but I can only imagine what a warrior he was.  God took him Home.  Jamie

From: Weldon54


Godspeed Beau! I'm sorry you had to leave us so soon. You should have been living the good life here on earth.

Just heartbreaking.



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From: prudery


Another durable warrior that slipped down the ladder, and no one threw him a rope before it was too late ...

I hate this ...  Sad and unfair ...

My own late Tbred ran through his 11th year and 143 races ...

I threw the jockey up for his last race, and probably did not breathe till he crossed the wire on all four and was mine ...   And RETIRED to be a riding horse ...


From: Guest


Last Saturday.  Here's the chart:

It's an incredibly lucrative purse structure.  $10,400 purse for $4,000 claimers.  Winner gets $6,240.

The race drew a full 12 horse field.  Mighty Beau went off as the post-time favorite.

Hats off to Mighty Beau as one of many, many game warriors of the sport.


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From: Guest


The owner/trainer of Mighty Beau has another from the 'Top Bunk' list:

Ricardo A:

Ran at Philadelphia Park 8/5 for $5K; finished first. Ran at Philadelphia Park 8/16 for $7,500; finished first. Ran at Philadelphia Park 8/26 for $16K; finished 4th of 7. Ran at Philadelphia Park 9/15 for $14K; finished 11th of 12; "close up for 1/2 mile then faltered." Ran at the Meadowlands 10/2 for $7,500; finished 2nd. Ran at Philadelphia Park 10/12 for $7,500; finished 3rd. Ran at Philadelphia Park 11/11 for $5K; finished first and was claimed by James P. Taglianetti for Michael J. Gill; "rated the pace while off the rail, was carried out leaving the quarter pole then again in the upper stretch, recovered stride to regain the lead inside the sixteenth pole and was clear approaching the wire." Ran at Philadelphia Park 11/22 for $7,500; finished second and was claimed by Alfredo Velazquez for Anita Racing Stable; "moved closer in the far turn, loomed boldly in midstretch, then was no match for the winner."



From: MaryAinMI


Thanks for posting this.

Did you notice in this guy's past performances - he ran for a $20,000 claiming tag 2-1/2 months before this race.  In that $20K race, he "stopped."  This was the first race he was in since that $20,000 claimer.

I, of course, don't know the exact facts of why he went from a $20K claimer immediately to a $4K claimer his next time out, but I think we can all make a damn good guess.

Mr. Gill has a huge stable - he and his trainer did not need to run this horse.  Presumably he wanted to make back as much of the $25,000 he paid for him as possible.

This kind of needless death makes me crazy - I know it does you, too.  This was not "just one of those things" that happens in racing.  This result was absolutely predictable and totally unnecessary.

I think I need to do some investigating. 


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From: PatS2002


These two used to race their horses at Rockingham Park in Salem, NH many years ago before it became a harness track. Need I say more?

Taglianetti did not have the best of reps, nor did his wife, Debby.



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From: godmom2


>>It's an incredibly lucrative purse structure.  $10,400 purse for $4,000 claimers.  Winner gets $6,240.<<

Does Penn National have slots?


From: PatS2002


Yes, Penn National has slots.