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Roses for Barbaro's Statue Unveiling   Barbaro and Family

Started by JuliaB20; 469 views.

From: JuliaB20


I have been looking into having roses for everyone who is unable to attend  Barbaro's Statue Unveiling  on April 26th. My idea is  for each person unable to attend, purchase  rose with your name attached to be  included in an arrangment ! I have been talking with the florist in Louisville as well as the Derby Musuem. 

I need to get an idea of how many folks would be interested in purchasing a rose stem to include in the arrangment! 

Please respond to me so that I can give the florist an idea of how many we might need !   You can e-mail me  through this link  or directly to me at please indicate that it is for the Barbaro Rose arrangment !

Marilyn (mthaley001)

From: Marilyn (mthaley001)



I would love to be included so please send me an e-mail with details when you have them.


From: pschmid1012


This is such a nice idea, especially because Our BBH's statue will be unveiled at C.H.D.! If I remember correctly tho, Our BBH did not like roses. Could I arrange, thru you, for a few baby carrots or mints to be inc. in this arrangement, from me?

Please give it a thought...or drop my thought...but would you try to get back to me either way?



I sure got a kick out of post #3 which stated that Barbaro didn't like true ~ he wanted nothing to do with that KD blanket.  Someone here stated that he ran FROM the roses...

Having said that, I am very grateful to you for your is extremely difficult for some of us to accept that we will not be able to be in attendance on such a memorable day, and so your kindness in making these arrangements means so much!

When you have the details, you can email me through the thread...or, I'll just keep watching for info.

Thanks so much, Julia!


From: melody1963


I would also love to be included. Let me know the details.


Marilyn (mthaley001)

From: Marilyn (mthaley001)


Girl, you are so right - Barbaro hated the roses and they never were able to put them on him. I have a framed pictured of him when he was on his way to his stall after the Derby (that was in the NY Times I believe) and he stopped to smell the roses.  What a cool picture that is.

I think the roses and the mints are appropriate for the BBH.  Great idea!!!!!


From: VictoriaZX


Roses and mints! I just love that. And per Mrs. Jackson, they were the green and white mints.

From: canjo


What a wonderful idea I will be pleased to donate for flowers for our boy! See you there!

From: pepsmom1


What a beautiful idea! - and a fantastic way for FOBs who cannot be in Louisville that weekend to participate in the unveiling & dedication of the memorial.

I love it!!!

Sally in Indy