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Barbaro unveiling list of activities    Barbaro and Family

Started by ellymae43; 919 views.

From: ellymae43


Hello....This is an attempt to keep a list of activities for the week of Barbaros statue unveiling at Churchhill Downs. I submit the following items, fully realizing that everyone may not be able to attend each and every place, please feel free to add to this list.

Starting with Thursday 4/23 approx 1pm a visit to NBAR, Becky. This is where Mary the Mule lives along with others at the rescue. It is located in New Salisbury Indiana, about 25miles NW of Louisville.

After the visit, back to Louisville for dinner at 630pm at a local Red Lobster Restaurant, hopefully with Paulette and AnnielouKy of Speak Up for Horses.

Friday morning, 730am  drive over to Falmouth Ky  to visit with Haps Irish Pub(Happy) with Shelly of Speak Up for Horses.

Kentucky Horse Park on Friday approx 1130am for a demonstration of re-training a OTTB at the Secretariat Center inside the Park by Susanna.

At approx 230pm will be going to Paris Ky with Gale and Penny, One Horse at at Time, to go to Cheryls to visit with A Natural Bluff and Ms Reba, among others. Return to Louisville for a brainstorming session at 6pm at RRI #134 then on to dinner at the Cracker Barrel Rest. in Louisville, approx 730pm and then to watch the Hotair Balloon Night Glow at 9pm. This is within walking distance of the restaurant.

Also, on Friday, for those arriving in early afternoon, a second trip has been arranged to visit with Becky at NBAR, to see Mary the Mule.  Please meet at RRI#134 approxd 2-230pm. Please let me know if you plan to go on this tour.  Thanks.


Sat 8am meet at RED ROOF INN #134, I-264/Newburg exit for the caravan over to Lexington and to Old Friends at 10am tour.  We will be meeting other FOBs who are already in the Lexington area at 945, so we can all go in together.   There are also some FOBs who are going to be going on the Old Friends tour later that day at 3pm.

After a quick lunch, on to Our Mims for a visit at 2pm with Jeanne and all the Ladies.

Will leave Our Mims approx 4pm to drive back to Louisville and get ready for the FOB Dinner at Buckheads at 7pm.

Sunday....the unveiling of Barbaros Statue at CHD. Meet at 10am for the 1030am ceremony.

Ky Derby Museum is having a special breakfast that morning ($150) per person, including, I understand,an all day wrist band for the Museum, where there is going to be an expanded display featuring Barbaro.  Some of the FOBs have expressed interest in this breakfast. This begins at 9am.

Other FOBs are going to be having breakfast at Wagners Drug Store, within walking distance of the spot for the unveiling. This begins at 8am.  I would suggest getting there early as there will be a large number of us and we dont want to be rushed to get a good spot for the ceremony.  Wagners has been alerted that we are planning to be there and I will be contacting them as we get closer to the date to remind them.

Following the ceremony, the museum will be open and also there will be live racing that afternoon 1245pm at CHD.  They have reserved section #115 for FOBs that day.

No specific plans have been made for Sun night dinner, as yet.

Monday morning.....7-9am is the Dawn at the Downs at CHD.

You can attend the Millionairs Row breakfast for $28 or simply stand along the rail to watch the horses workout. There is no charge to do this and I think you may be able to get breakfast in the paddock area there. I dont know the cost for this. 

Many FOBs are departing Louisville on Monday.  For those lucky enough to be staying the week....have a great time.

Along with all of these places to visit, there is also a few other things you might like to participate in, including the thread by Julia for the roses display and Pepper is making  hearts to be worn by those FOBs in Ky for those FOBs that are unable to be with us.  Jamie will have ribbons to wear in the Lael colors. Please see her thread for details.

Any questions, please post to this thread and we will try to get the answer for you.

Please, dont forget to sign up with Jen to be included on the spreadsheet. All the info for who will be in Ky, where they are staying, cell phones so we can keep in contact  in Ky, etc.  See Jens thread for info on that.

Also, be sure to let Sally know if you are attending the FOB dinner on Sat night.  She needs correct info on who and how many will be there that night to plan for the menu, etc.

Thank you all so much for making plans to honor our special boy. I think he will be proud and happy to know how much we care about him.  For those of you who wont be able to be with us in person, dont think for a minute that he will not know of your feelings for him.  You will be with us in spirit, and that is what is really important.

Thank you.   Ellie Az.



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From: marygran



One quick question - where's the meeting place for the Saturday morning Old Friends tour?

Mary in MD


From: ellymae43


Aw caught me.   I just edited message and added the place.   Thanks.  ellie

From: KathyInColo


Thank you for putting such a great list together of what is going on. I will be arriving from Denver around 1 pm on Friday - since the Friday gang will already be gone doing what they are doing - is there a way to find out if there are other closeby farms to visit? I would hate to just sit around for a half day on Friday. Are there others getting in around the same time on Friday where we could plan something? Also, for the list for the FOB dinner, what number are we up to - did we make 100?

From: marygran


Believe me, Ellie, I appreciate everything you're doing! I will need all the directions I can get so I don't get totally lost! ;)

Mary in MD


From: midknight1


Thanks Ellie!  I'll have this typed into an organized Word document and posted on the thread this week.  I'll also try to include phone #'s of interest such as the Lexington tourism board, KY tourism board, etc.  If anyone can think of good phone #'s to list, please post to let me know. 



From: marygran


Where are you staying Kathy? I'm driving in from Maryland with other FOBs on Friday and we will probably arrive on the later side. Right now I have no specific plans so it would be nice to perhaps see something nearby.

Mary in MD


From: MJ42903


Thanks for doing this.  I think Alex also has a wiki page with everything listed.


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From: annielouky



great job.

I am exhausted from just looking at you guy's itenerary. I am sooooo glad I live here and don't have to squeeze everything into four days, LOL.

I believe the Millionair's Row breakfast buffet is $ 25 per person. You can call to verify.

Aside from the "balloon race"  you will also have to fight with traffic to the mini marathon that morning.

Friday night you may want to set your sights on the "balloon glow" at the Fair and Expo Center. You may be able to walk there from your hotel?




From: jamielsg


Great Job Ms. Ellie.............awesome!! Thank you so much for doing this:) Jamie