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Trick my Truck for KY Trip    Barbaro and Family

Started by CB813; 814 views.

From: CB813


I know many of us have been concerned about how we will recognize/know each other when we get to KY. I just thought I would share my plans to Trick my Truck!

I will decorate my trailblazer with Barbaro pictures and notices to let everyone know I am a FOB.  If you see a black trailblazer all tricked out....flag me down!

I want everyone along my route to know about Barbaro and this great group called FOB's. And, I want everyone in KY to know that we have arrived. If they haven't heard of us....they will soon know who we are and what we represent. 

Please join me! It would be great if those that can't attend would decorate their auto's too. This would be a sign of unity and some great PR. Who know's maybe one more person will notice and adopt a horse. Maybe one more horse would be rescued. Maybe one more dollar can be donated. In the name of our boy Barbaro!

This is a great time for us to shine and push our messages out to the general public.



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From: ellymae43


WOW......I am impressed with what you plan to do to your truck.  And your idea for lots of other FOBs to do the same, wherever they are would be fantastic.

I have been racking my brain trying to come up with something that will make people sit up and take notice of who we are, how many of us there are, and what we do.  SAVE HORSES.  Also to try to give a voice to them and all animals.

There are some days it is so hard to read of the awful things that are happening to our four leggeds.  Makes a person just want to sit down and bawl their eyes out.  But then we dry out eyes and get back up to fight on.  All in the name of Barbaro.

Someday this will all just be a bad memory and horse slaughter will no longer exist and owners will man-up and take responsibility for the animals they care for.  What a great time that will be.  I can hardly wait.  It should have happened yesterday, but we will fight on.

Thanks so much for what you are doing and for your post.  I am excited.  This can be so big.  A chance to bring so much more awareness to our cause.

Best wishes.  Ellie


From: marygran


I wonder if everyone could put Lael colored ribbons on their antennae? That might be an easy to identify everyone. Just a thought.

Mary in MD

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From: jamielsg


I can't wait to see your truck CB...........awesome idea!!! LOVE IT! Jamie
thats a good idea!...or maybe a pink poster with a big black 8 on it :)

From: SlewReigns


My antenna is built into the glass.  Now What?  LOL



From: ellymae43


Good idea, Mary.....Anything that will show we are the FOBs and dont anyone forget it...LOL

Thanks ellie


From: accoladesmum


Jerry, I have the same problem. Methinks I'll knot one end of the ribbons, then roll one of the back windows up with the knot inside and the flowing ribbons outside.

Should work ;)

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Beanie Barbaro on the antenna???? If it isn't raining.

I like the idea of Lael colored ribbons too. Beanie Barbaro will be in the front window. We do have time to order bumper stickers too!!!!! If we could decide on a design.

This is the place I ordered my Curlin picture stickers from. They are great, a little expensive for bumper stickers, but they ARE custom.

We would have to get permission to use a photo though...................

3" by 10" Bumper Sticker

Quantity - Price
1 - $4.95
2 - $7.95
5 - $18.95
10 - $26.95
25 - $44.95
50 - $64.95
100 - $89.95
250 - $169.95
500 - $309.95
750 - $449.95
1000 - $579.95
 I like this one, with a picture of Barbaro. Wouldn't it be cool if we all had this sticker??????
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From: PreciousSOH


tie the ribbons like streamers off your side mirrors, and maybe litttle ones on your wipers like little pom poms, those that may have a minivan with the little roof rack things tie them off there, wrap some arond the screws that hold your liscense plate on, tie some on your hub caps or even off your front grill.

I'm sure i could come up with much more