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Live Video at the Unveiling--Possible?   Barbaro and Family

Started by SWFCindy; 219 views.

From: SWFCindy


To all FOBs,

I got to thinking, everyone, that wouldn't it be cool if we could facilitate a live video internet feed so that all of us at home could see everything happening as it happened?

I know there is a group who does live feeds at the major Arabian horse shows, as I'm sure at major AQHA shows, etc. Wonder if we could get them to do the Barbaro unveiling too?

Any thoughts? Maybe someone who is going and knows all the particulars could contact "iequine" and see if they are interested in being a part of this great event.

Juat a thought,

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From: SWFCindy


Hello again, all:

I just sent this email off to someone who can hopefully get this started. I hope we can get this to work:

"I am a long-time Arab lover and have followed Thoroughbred racing through the years as well. No doubt you have heard of the great Barbaro and his tragic breakdown at the beginning of the Preakness Stakes and his valiant fight for his life, with the help of Dr. Dean Richardson and others. What you may not know is that Barbaro left a legacy like no other. There is a little group of animal lovers who call themselves the Friends of Barbaro, or FOBs, who have bonded via the internet and have raised over 1 million dollars for all sorts of animal-related causes.

In April, a statue of Barbaro will be unveiled and his remains will be laid to rest underneath his likeness. It will be quite an event. Many of us can not attend, but many will be there, wearing "hearts" of those of us who can't be. There will also be a magnificent arrangement of roses created with the names, farm names, loved ones who have passed on, etc., attached. It is a huge fund-raising event, again to honor the great horse who inspired us all.

The reason for this email is to ask if you would be interested and able to be there, with your live streaming cameras, for all the world to take part. If you guys can pull something together in such a short time, wouldn't it be amazing to be a part of it all?

Please email me if this is possible and I'll get you to the right people who can give all the particulars! You would definitely reach more than "just" Arabian lovers. And would give those of us who can't be there a first hand look at this beautiful event.

I've enjoyed the live streaming at the US Nationals as well as the Scottsdale Arabian show and thought this upcoming event would be perfect to share!

I look forward to hearing back from you.

Cindy Shultz
FOB swfcindy"

Well, FOBs, what do you think???


From: SmartyFan


Boy this would be wonderful. I hope it happens!


From: SWFCindy


All of you who have done so much since the beginning deserve it! I just wish I had thought of it sooner!

It does a heart good to do something nice for someone else....


From: jamielsg


Wow Cindy! Thanks for trying! All they can do is say no.  I appreciate your efforts very much:) Jamie


From: maxsmom10


Man, what a great idea.  I've watched my daughter at a horse show a couple of times on a live stream.  This would be terrific for those of us who can't make it!

Marsh in TN

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From: ChampFan06


Fingers crossed for a "live-feed" Angel!!!

From: wit3333


Hay Cindy

That would be just wonderful to get a live feed. Thanks for trying....



From: Guest


This would be wonderful, Cindy. Thank you.


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From: SWFCindy


Gosh, I hope it works out. Would be so cool to have the FOBs featured and to have Barbaro's story on the internet and to see M/M Jackson there, and Dr R (does anyone know if he'll be there??...I get goose-pimply when I think about it.

Surely it will be on ESPN or CNN or MSNBC or the local network (NBC!) whoever is doing the race! but to have the actual unveiling on LIVE STREAM would be killer!

I hope he answers my email tomorrow. It's a longshot since it is last minute but you just never know.....

I think I'll look for another contact just in case...

Can anyone give me detailed particulars--like a timeline for the top features of the day??