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Apr 25 FOB Dinner - UPDATE!   Barbaro and Family

Started by pepsmom1; 609 views.

From: pepsmom1


Hay all:

I apologize for my absence on the board over the past several days - my mom-in-law was rushed to the hospital earlier this week and currently is in ICU. As a result, I will not be able to make the road trip to Louisville this weekend as previously planned - our meeting with the Buckhead catering manager has been moved to next Sun, Apr 5. I have been in contact with her, however, and a couple of decisions have been made long distance.

Since we are currently at 118 reservations, we have decided the most efficient and effective way to serve is buffet-style. This also allows us to be sure there are sufficient selections on the menu for our vegetarian FOBs. We have reviewed the Delaware Park buffet situation with our catering manager and have been assured that there will be plenty of food for everyone attending. (I was not at Del Park last summer but have heard about what occurred from several FOBs who were present.)

I have stressed that the cost must fall between $20-25, all inclusive (that includes taxes & gratuity). The only extras would be dessert (unless we can find a way to fit something in at the abovementioned cost) and alcoholic beverages (I'm assuming if you want beer, a glass of wine or a mixed drink, you would be able to order from a server - I'll find out for sure and confirm with all of you after next week).

There will be 5-6 children at the dinner, and I have requested a lower cost for them. She is checking into this - no promises at this time, but I will do everything I can to make this happen.

When we were considering the plated dinner, we had promised to do a commemorative menu that everyone in attendance could take with them as a souvenir of the event. We still will have a commemorative menu for you, even though we are going with the buffet.

Around a week out from the dinner, I will send a confirmation e-mail with a pdf attachment that designates which area you'll be seated in for the actual meal - the banquet room or the auxiliary area right outside the banquet room. When you receive this e-mail, please be sure to print out the pdf attachment and bring it with you to the dinner! We also will have the master reservations' list that was compiled in the order received in case we need to cross-check.

This e-mail also will have precise directions to the restaurant.

Following are the vendors I have on my list; if I am omitting anyone, please get in touch with me asap! Currently scheduled to display are:

• Kate Wilt (My Racing Heart fragrance)
• Jane Heart (the Barbaro jewelry collection)
• Jamie Gillispie (FOB ribbons/sign/HFH fundraiser)
• Otherlyn (FOB caps, totes, v-neck t-shirts)
• FOB pins to benefit Mike Rea?? (will these be sold at the dinner or sold only via ABR ahead of the dinner??)

If I have omitted anyone, please forgive me - I'm not firing on all cylinders right now. Just shoot me an e-mail and we'll correct things.

And there is one more very special item to add: FOBs Pat (pgfonseca) and Linda (lacecap) cannot be with us in Louisville but certainly will be there in spirit! They are donating a fabulous faded denim shirt (size XL) with a gorgeous painting of Barbaro on the front pocket and on the back. Just underneath the collar is painted a horseshoe and KD06. According to Pat, the shirt is beautiful, washable, comfortable - and ours to raffle at the FOB Dinner to benefit Our Mims Retirement Haven! Many, many thanks to Pat & Linda!!

Gang, I think that's it for now. Hope everyone has a great weekend; prayers for safe racing to all horses taking to the track (esp precious Nic) - will post again asap.

If you need to reach me, feel free to e-mail direct at

Sally in Indy


From: MJ42903



I am so sorry about your mother-in-law.  Please call me if you need me to do anything.


From: LindaVA3


Oh my!  Prayers for your mother-in-law and your entire family.
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From: KathyInColo


Sally - prayers your mother in law that she is doing better -

I have a suggestion and I was wondering if it might be feasible -

I know a large number of FOB's will be at the dinner and since a great majority of us have never met face to face, I was wondering if there might be time either before, during or right after dinner, if we might have a short introduction of everyone - maybe just go around the table and stand up quickly, say our name, our ABR name and where we are from? I know we will probably be stretched for time as there will be lots going on but was wondering if something short and quick might be considered???? Just a thought - I know there are lots of people on the blog that you see posting and I know I kinda get an impression of what I think they may look like - it's always the opposite of what they really look like and since this is the one place where we would have everyone's captured attention, I'm wondering if something like this is thinkable?


From: LindaVA3


I think the nametags will help with that, if there is not enough time for introductions.  I know I've been to both Delaware Park events and never did get to meet everyone.  There is just never enough time!

From: Guest


Thank you, Sally, for the time and effort you have put into this memorable occasion. You are the best!

Thinking of you and sending best wishes for your mother-in-law's full recovery.


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From: Kbuckeye1


My gosh, Sally.......prayers for your mother in law. After putting together events like this, I know how much work it is. Bless your heart for all your hard work.



From: KammyGirl9


Everything sounds wonderful, Sally.  I am so sorry that your mother-in-law is ill.  May she recover quickly and with no negative effects.  Prayers for her and your family at this time.

I have several Barbaro items that could be used for door prizes.  Please let me know if this is possible.  Maybe everyone could get a number when they arrive and we could draw for prizes every so often during the evening.  Let me know if I should bring these items with me.  They are pretty nice and I don't have anything else to do with them?

My best,  Judy  :)



From: SWFCindy


Hi Sally,

I'm not able to attend but I just stumbled across this post and wanted to wish your mom-in-law well.

While I'm at it, check out my post entitled "Live Video at the Unveiling--Possible?" under the Barbaro subject heading. Just wanted to get the word out to as many people here as possible. There is so much on this board, it's not possible to see everything.

Again, my very best to your husband's mother. I'll say a prayer.


KLB (ghizmatt)

From: KLB (ghizmatt)


Thanks for doing all of the leg work on this.  I'm getting really excited about being with so many FOB again.