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ATTENTION!! Room This Weekend Availeable   Barbaro and Family

Started by K4Barbaro (Kay4Barbaro); 38 views.

Hi All,

It is with a very disappointed heart that I post this - but my husband has ended up in the hospital and we won't be able to attend this weekend's wonderful activities :(  But right now it is my adorable husband that matters most.  SO!! - I have a room available in a super location:

Red Roof Inn Fair and Expo

3322 Red Roof Inn Place

(I-264 at Newburg Road, Exit #15, #15B)

Louisville, KY USA 40218

( as posted by another FOB) Recently renovated, basic complimentary coffee but no breakfast, but there are plenty of places to eat in the immediate area.  Also there is the lengendary Wagner's Pharmacy for breakfast.  This Red Roof is approximately 6 miles from Churchill with VERY easy access to the track (via I-264 to Crittenden Ave to Central Ave) ans is also convenient to go to Lexington. ( I want to cry as I type this!!!!) I was very looking forward to meeting all of you and crying and celebrating the miracle of Barbaro and his FOB's...."sniff"  :(

The room is one king, smoking, although as I just spoke with a reservation rep - she said we can change it to non-smoking.

We have until Saturday to complete a transfer.  Please, please call me on my cell immediately as I will not have access to a computer in the hospital which is where I will be all day, everyday.  I will check this when I get home but the phone is best!

PHONE: 716-239-0766

Someone please take advantage of this and take my husband's and my heart with you!!!!!!!!



From: LindaVA3


So sorry you won't be able to attend, prayers for you and your husband.

From: pepsmom1


So very sorry you aren't able to join us this weekend - very best wishes to your husband for a speedy recovery.

Sally in Indy


From: MaryLOhio


Going to move this to the Barbaro section since that is where most of the activity for the event is at and more might see it.

I hope your husband will be okay


From: canjo


So sorry you won't be able to attend you will be in our hearts. A speedy recovery to your husband and please take care of yourself..God Bless

From: barbaro4


I'm so sorry to hear this.  Hoping for a quick recovery for your husband.   I know how hard it is to have an ill loved one and dealing with the hospital is very draining.   I'm not going to the unveiling but I truly believe we will all be together in spirit during this very emtional weekend in KY.

From: MJ42903


I hope and pray your husband will be ok.  We will miss you and be thinking about you.

Mary, you're the best  - AS ALWAYS.  Thank you.  I certainly hope that you will be in attendance.  I hope you still are wearing the Ban For Horses bracelet that I sent to you.... as mine broke!!!!!  Poor thing gave out - and I am still trying to figure out how to repair it! lol

I will treasure it always regardless.


Bless you again and again -


  • Edited 4/21/2009 10:58 pm ET by Kay4Barbaro

From: MaryLOhio


Hey Kay!  I still have the bracelet you sent me and still has not broken on me! Just a bit faded is all.  I think of you every time I put it on.  I so appreciated you sending it to me!

No I will not be going to the events this weekend, so will wait and get all the photos and reviews from those that are going.  Like many, I wish I could have but I know those that will be there will be doing and recording everything with thoughts of  those that cant go. 

I hope someday to get there and see the statue myself and pay tribute.