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HeartSongs to Barbaro   Barbaro and Family

Started by sylversky47; 5427 views.

From: sylversky47


I know there will be a lot of threads popping up between now and Sunday, but I thought maybe this one could be for those of us who wish to post a "heartsong" (thank you otherlyn, for that term) to Barbaro before the drapes come off.  Here's something I wrote on 1/29/09.



Two years quickly gone by since the passing of Barbaro.  Yet many of us remain forever changed and touched by the hoof prints he left on our hearts.  Soon his ashes will be placed in the soil at Churchill Downs by those who knew and loved him so very much, and his bronze statue will be unveiled -  with all four feet off the ground - yes, Barbaro knew how to fly.  The heartsongs of those who came to know this magnificent colt, who held vigils, lit candles, hoped for a miracle – our heartsongs still sing for sweet Barbaro.  Time cannot dim or diminish the Love we have for this creature – for he is Eternal and time is not.  Barbaro gave us a taste of forever, and for us, he is our Forever Horse, our Prince, our inspiration.

To me, Barbaro was an Avatar - a Radiant One of Pure Light and Grace, who has fulfilled karma, yet sacrifices moving to other higher dimensions to return to earth to give us, if we are willing to receive, the Keys to the Kingdom.  Barbaro gave us a chance to reclaim our humanity.   From the heavens now, he is the Commanding General of the Barbaro Nation, whose flag is emblazoned with golden wings tipped with the Lael colors of blue and green.  In my heart I see and feel Barbaro now as a Golden Winged Angel Horse ~ Pegasus and Unicorn and blindingly beautiful.

Barbaro's fire ignited our passions and created his Legacy; he showed us how to live and how to die.  Beyond the veil wait the spirit forms of all the horses gone before, taken by the tracks or man’s inhumanity, shimmering in silver light.  When we make our own transitions they will lift us onto their backs, their bodies whole again.  We will hold onto their rainbow colored manes as take us for a ride to the stars.  Barbaro, forever young, will lead the way.   N’amaste.

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From: staycool4


Oh, you said it all so well! I truly echo such lovely sentiments!

Barbaro represents all that is great on this planet! Barbaro truly is an American HERO for all time! Barbaro was the most inspiring being for me! As much as I root for my teams here, I never rooted more for anyone daily, and prayed so hard for anyone, daily, as I did for Barbaro! Courage? I think he exemplified that to the outer limits of it! CLASS? Oh, mankind could take a page from his book on that! Mentally tough? There truly will be no other better than Barbaro!
I knew throughout his fight, that somehow my life would change forever! His is the brightest star in the sky! His Legacy is FOREVER! There WILL be a cure for laminitis-SOON!!!!!!

Barbaro's human family also have every quality I listed above! The pure love between them all is something so special, that we had a tiny peek at, and cherish!

As this very special Unveiling Weekend approaches, I pledge to never forget hom, the Jacksons, Dr. Richardson/NBC, and all the great people/things that his Legacy has presented! May all who work his Legacy be blessed!

j v


From: LindaVA3


Beautiful words, Chrys.  I'm not sure I can come close, you've expressed things so well.

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From: EileneWood


I'm not good at expressing myself, but I did find some poems people wrote for Barbaro.


             Tribute To The Human/Equine Bond

 Barbaro At The Rainbow Bridge

Written & Contributed By
Stephi Luken

It was an ordinary day at the Rainbow Bridge, sunny and warm, and all the creatures were playing or resting while waiting for their people who had loved them on Earth.

Suddenly the tranquility was broken by a sound like thunder, which most  residents could just barely remember. The sound got louder and louder, a  powerful, rhythmic pounding until a crowd formed to see what it could possibly be.

Finally, within a cloud of dust appeared a magnificent stallion, snorting and galloping across the Rainbow Bridge into eternity. The animals knew that Barbaro had arrived, on four strong legs, never to limp or be in pain again, while he waits for all his people who loved him so much.

In Praise Of The Horse
Tribute To The Human/Equine Bond

For Bobby

Written & Contributed By  
Sharon Liles Barnes

The day you were born, who could have known,
What a champion you'd be before fully grown,
The lives you would touch, the joy and hope,
So much to come from just one little colt.

A long time had passed since attention I'd paid,
To riders and steeds on each Derby day,
I heard you had won, even trained near my home,
It seemed there and then, you became all my own.

I remembered another, a little like you,
A Triple Crown Winner, and somehow I knew,
That you'd do the same, it was all in your heart,
Present from birth, right from the start.

I was away when you ran your next race,
And when I asked hubby, he looked past my face,
He said you were hurt but that I shouldn't worry,
It wasn't too serious, you'd heal in a hurry.

I could tell by his voice it was worse than he said,
So I searched for news with fearing and dread.
It was much worse, more than hearts could bear,
Where's the reason, the justice? It just wasn't fair!

So I cried and I prayed, and hoped for the best,
I did all I could and gave God the rest,
I knew from the start how bad it could be,
I prayed for a miracle, one we could see.

All down that journey, with its hope and despair,
You were never alone, I always was there,
The more that I saw you, the more that I cared,
The more that I prayed, the more hope that I dared.

We needed a hero, and you were the one,
To cast out the rain and bring out the sun,
With wars and sorrows abounding each day,
Death just couldn't take you, you just had to stay.

For a while there was joy, it seemed it would last,
And finally one day, you went out and grazed grass,
You healed so well, you might even go home,
And enjoy life, sire daughters and sons.

But fate has a way of turning the tables,
A new crisis came - it was back to the stable,
Where you'd fought for so long with courage so rare,
If we lost you now, it'd be too much to bear.

What I dreaded most, finally did come to pass,
The day had come that would be your last.
The pain was too great, it wouldn't be fair,
To make you keep trying, to still keep you here.

As before you, so many, so young and so bright,
Your life had ended, lost was the fight,
The hardest to reason, life's toughest lesson,
Why take the young, when they're such a blessing?

Your stable was empty, but our hearts much more so,
For you had gone where we couldn't go,
The life unfinished, the races not run,
The hopes, the dreams, all shattered, not won.

We grieved and we mourned, we just couldn't part,
With our Bobby who held such a place in our heart,
How hard it is, such a sorrow to handle,
When fate has abruptly blown out the candle.

I mourned and I cried, many tears I still shed,
But then resigned reason came back to my head,
Sweet Bobby passed through, like each living thing,
For a purpose, a reason, a hope to bring.

The time since you left we measure in days,
Your memory lingers, and our love still stays,
How could you have known the good you had done,
Your life shining brightly, eclipsing the sun.

Through all your misfortune, hardship and pain,
Your life took new meaning, there's new hope to gain,
A legacy hopeful old evils will end,
In time, no horse suffering, ever again.

And so we go on, with love in our hearts,
Your life and ours, never far or apart,
Even death could not take the race you had run,
Not just for the roses, but the grace you had won.

And now in Heaven, where you run safe and free,
Through soft grassy meadows, 'neath shady green trees,
On your proud head, a golden crown glows,
You've won ALL the races, our sweet Barbaro.

February, 2007


Written & Contributed By
Fritz Rauschenberg

Faster than the wind
Catching spirits of the past
He ran up through the clouds
To meet them in that field of grass.

His legs straight and strong
His eyes flashing a smile
He's running now with champions
Mile after Mile

Pennsylvania's pride is mourning
For a miracle that could not be
With all the skill and love
He just could not be healed

He captured all our hearts
Fragile yet so strong
If a million prayers could heal
It would not have taken long

Through the centuries near and far
In battle, work and play
Our equine friends have been there
Partners in finding a better way

In their September and December
We must all remember
And repay that dedication
A warm stall and a lump of sugar

But this bold spirit's run
Cut short by fateful situation
By fate's cruel decision
Not a hero's loss of vision

His name came from tragedy
Brought on by evil hands
I pray this is not an omen
That there are no more blessings for this land

Faster than the wind
Catching spirits of the past
He ran up through the clouds
To meet them in that field of grass.

His legs straight and strong
His eyes flashing a smile
He's running now with champions
Mile after Mile
Mile after Mile


From: Debbie1948


WOW wonderful, sitting here crying in my coffee!

From: barbaro4


Ok Eilene....the tears are flowing. 



From: Debbie1948


Love your post! tears, are you going too the unvailing? You need to read this for the video.


From: wit3333


I can't even come close to the words expressed by Chrys and Eilene. Just beautiful!

Barbaro is my inspiration then, now and always will be. If not for him I would never have gotten involved in stopping horse slaughter, and helping equine rescues when I can. I miss him everyday and have a closeness to him that is unexplainable. I so wish I could be there to pay him the respect he so well deserves.

Barbaro you are forever and ever in my heart.



From: sylversky47


I was going to go - but things changed here on the home front.  So I had to cancel my plane reservations and everything else.  Health issues - I have surgery next week and my husband is having major issues.  However, I've already heard from Sally - she or Jamie will read this at the dinner.  Maybe for the video too if you all want.  I am honored and humbled by the response to it.  But, as you know, it came to me through Barbaro.  I only use the fingers to type the words.  He fills my heart with the songs.  Look at how he sings through Martita.  She is the poet laureate here.  I'm just an apprentice.  Anyone who wants to read it or in any way use it has my persmission.  It belongs to the FOB's!  Barbaro speaks through all of us, Debbie.  In different ways, perhaps, but all of us are blessed from knowing him, his story, his example, his destiny.

Thank you.   Chrys 


From: sylversky47


OMG, Eilene.  This is just what I was talking about to Debbie (hadn't seen it when I wrote to her).  We all are inspired and express ourselves in different ways.  I received the gift of writing from the Great Spirit.  (And that's about all - ha.)  The great Scots poet Robert Burns was my ancestor (not bragging; I certainly had nothing to do with what runs in my bloodlines).  Otherlyn and wisdomkeeper and martita and staycool and SO MANY FOBs write beautifully.  Others have the gift of singing (Susan Boyle and FOB Jake and probably many other FOBs).  Others are artists.  Others find and share the art and poetry and music (Eilene, for example).  Martita dances as well as writes - and she dances the inner language and landscape of the Horse now - every moment of her life.  Some FOBs are just plain creative, like Jerry (slewreigns).  Then we have Kent (BreckNRidger) who has given us the most awesome photoshop artwork. We have photographers - Yetta and Heather (#1 Curlin fan in the Universe) and many others who capture the beauty of these animals through the lens. Some are great organizers (Sally pepsmom and the dinner she put together).  Some teach us about the horse as well as give us messages about our own natures (Jim Gath).  Others are quieter but still are giving souls and who appreciate beauty - that is a gift too; not all humans have it.  WE DO! 

After I started this thread I kind of felt bad because then I realized there is another thread called "Thank You" that was resurrected and basically is for the same purpose as this one.  So if this one fades out, that's okay.  Each and every one of us has great talent.  We touched the soul of Barbaro.  Our lives will never be the same - and through him we've found each other - all these twin flames burning to keep his legacy alive.  N'amaste.   

Edit:  I am sorry for not including many names above who have done so much to "express" their feelings for Barbaro over the years.  You ALL have opened your hearts.  What we MUST do is carry on his Legacy.  We promised.

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