Asperger and Autistic Adults

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This forum is for autistic and asperger adults. Here, we can speak of issues we meet as adults. This forum is open only to those on the autism spectrum.

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Asperger and Autistic Adults
This forum is for Autistic and Asperger Syndrome Adults only.
With our unique perspective on the world, we often feel seperate and alien, and knowing that others experience similar things goes a long way in making us feel a belonging we had never before had.
This is a place to speak about life as an Autistic Spectrum Disorder adult, in a safe and accepting environment. We cover workplace issues, relationships, living AS in an NT world, financial issues, and many other daily-life events adults on the autism spectrum face.
We are an Autism Positive forum. We do not believe people with ASDs are defective, undesirable, or requiring a 'cure'. We have a distinct culture that deserves to exist.
Due to the nature of this forum, If you are a Non-Autistic Person, including non-Autistic parents of ASD kids, you should to seek out alternative forums

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