Little Nook of the Universe

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The Nook is a little spot in the universe to settle in and share photos that have been captured. It brings enjoyment to share creations that I conjure up when the desire to create something dwells within me. I am looking forward to meeting others that enjoy photography and to learn from different perspectives and constructive critique.

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Welcome To The Little Nook In the Universe

The Little Nook Of the Universe is a little spot to share my adventures hiking the woods in my local area. I hope to meet like-minded people that may share the same passion of the great outdoors and photography. All are welcome to travel through and stay for a spell and perhaps enjoy some photos within the Nook and enjoy  your desired drink of the day/night. All are welcome and encouraged to participate by sharing photos of your own, comment, or perhaps share with your friends. With that being said this is a family friendly forum so keep photos and posts G Rated. 
Thank you for stopping by
Astra/AKA Lisa


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