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From: Isegun6/10/00 7:22 PM 
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Hello all

I would like to spark a discussion about a book which I could have potentially ignored, since it is a book by a "white" man who claims to speak with God.

The book is Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch.

I originally heard him speaking on Oprah and even though it seemed ridiculous, I liked what he was saying since it was already what I had come to believe. But years passed and I never bought the book. Then my oldest friend in life who has never even spoken of spiritual things to me, recommended this book. Well that was the final straw. I had to read it now. I did.

Once I decided to ignore anything that I might not like, it was incredible how much I did like. I would say that if this guy is REALLY talking to God, then he has basically shown that many traditional philosophies are correct.

There are things talked about in the book that may seem contradictory to the practice of religion. I wonder what others think. Has anyone read this? If not, then give it a shot and let me know.


Osun Isegun (The River is Victorious)

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From: Omoya (omoya1)6/23/00 4:51 PM 
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I believe it is one of the most beautiful books I've ever read, and everything he says jibes with both the African and the Native spirituality I've lived with for the past 30 years or so. As you can see, I am a daughter of Oya, more by self proclamation than the usual "protocol," and I have never found anything in those "conversations" contradictory at all. But then, I believe in spirituality, not "religion" as in organized, formalized religion. Those of us who kinda live outside the "box" have no trouble with anyone who sees Creator in this way!

From: Isegun6/23/00 6:06 PM 
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Great! I am very glad someone else has read this book. I too think it is an incredible book. I am a child of Osun and I was in awe how much of the book stated what I had come to believe. I have only read Book 1. Have you read the others?

When I said contradictory, I was referring to the idea of worshipping God. Since I read the book 5 years ago, I have come understand that there is no religion, as you might have read the other conversation. Whatever rituals we do are really for our own spirits and inner growth.

Also I know that there are many christian people on the forum, who I thought might truly find the book contradictory, although a friend of mine gave the book to his devoutly catholic mother and she too loved it.

thanx for your response


From: Isegun6/24/00 11:01 PM 
To: Omoya (omoya1) unread  (4 of 5) 
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Hello Omoya

Another thing that I thought could be pretty contradictory is the idea that Hitler wasnt "bad". If he believed in what he was doing then he was "right". Also if death is such a beautiful thing then Hitler was giving those he killed a gift.

You did not find that controversial? I think I totally understand this. It made me view lots of things with a bit more of a twist. What is right and wrong? Is there such a thing?

I was trying to think what else about the has been a while....maybe I should read it again.



From: Omoya (omoya1)6/29/00 11:02 AM 
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The point is that there are tests that we personally and universally have to endure. Just as cancer patients often say they are "grateful" for what they learned and how they changed because of their disease, so some believe Creator sends us these madmen to "teach" us. And those madmen have, therefore, a "place" in our evolution as spiritual beings. He was "right" for the role he'd been chosen to play. And he did the job he needed to do--without realizing he was Divinely sent. And if you look at what we learned from him, the things we did to defeat him, the opening of the heart that people who had never been challenged by such a scourge can see this. The world had to wake up and pull itself together BUT fast, and BUT good.

In that sense...I understand that perfectly. We seem to learn faster from pain than from gentle hints. So...on occasion, Creator sends us a monster to get our attention.


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