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From: StormyC (STORMY538)8/21/01 9:08 PM 
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Oh Thompson,

Reading some of your posts makes me wonder if I'm reading posts left by my brother...Lol which is who you remind me of. Growing up in california and seattle, I was always called names like half breed. My mother always called me indian but when I'd ask her why (the only indians I knew of were on TV chasing people on horseback)she would say my father is indian.....I would ask him. He was trying to be anything but Indian. Even went so far as to get a perm one day to make a fro.....blending in with the 70's, he speaks fluent spanish after trying to blend in with the puerto-ricans in the 80's.

My father told me every race but his own till just a few years ago when his sister, my aunt was dying. I asked her again, after all of these years of denial she finally told me, in my fathers presents (so there was no more denying from him after this), their mother is 7/8 Choctaw born in Oklahoma and their father is lakota/blackfeet. They told me that it was easier to be any other race than it was to be indian in 'Their day'. Now my father proudly hangs a huge picture of himself that was taken in his youth in regalia in his shop. he still wont tell anyone it's him, the only time they knew was when I came up for a visit.

So you see my dear Thompson, I know all about what you are talking about,going through,searching for. It's hard not knowing who you are when you have some telling you and the others denying it. Puts us in the state we are in today, hence the message boards and forums.

I have always wanted to know what they would not tell me, they could not tell me cause they were all so far removed from it. So I decided to do something about it, which so far has not been an easy task. I'm working on a project that will hopefully one day bring indiginous nations together. And on this land you will be able to come for a few days, weeks, month....to learn the old ways, live the old ways and hopefully be able to incorperate the old in with the new. but in order to know what is fully needed I need input to find out what people would want and what they would expect in a place like this, What do you want to know??? what would you want to learn. You aren't going to be tanning in a New york flat but you may learn how. Never know, you may need this knowlege one day. Some people that live in the country still do.

I need feed back! can you give me that?

Always, Stormy
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From: StormyC (STORMY538)8/24/01 4:48 AM 
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Isn't anyone going to reply?
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From: HawkSings9/3/01 1:57 AM 
To: StormyC (STORMY538)  (3 of 17) 
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Halito Stormy,
Sounds like a good idea you have there. I have had a similar idea and I ran into a thought wall. I would like to about the ways we raised children and doctored ourselves. Please continue to share.




From: AlanS289/7/01 1:27 AM 
To: StormyC (STORMY538)  (4 of 17) 
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Hi Stormy,
While doing some reading about the interaction of Blacks, Indians and White people in this country, I've learned of towns called "prayer towns". Another site refer's to some of the people of mixed heritage as "Tri-racial" and mentioned communities where people of various races lived in harmony.

I'd like to have more information about these towns. Where were they located, how did they survive and what happened to them.

Most of my indian blood on my Father's side of the family came from my Grandmother. A lot of the white was from my Grandfather. I had alwas assumed the white had been a product of slavery and rape etc. But several years ago my Father mention that my Grandfathers Grandmother was Irish, and that she was married to my Great, Great Grandfather. So my guess is that they must have belonged to one of these racialy tolerant communitties.

On my Mothers side of the Family, my Grandfathers, Grandmother was a full blood Cherokee who was a slave. She worked on a plantation with her brothers, who escaped. She stayed, because she had a family. My Grandfather was raised by her.

Does anyone else have any similar family histories?


From: StormyC (STORMY538)9/8/01 10:46 AM 
To: AlanS28  (5 of 17) 
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G'day Alans28,

Nice to meet you. I'm sorry to say I have not heard of these types of communities. I would like to hear more about them though so when you find out....let me know. sounds very interesting.

I'm going in to the hospital on monday for a operation so I will not be able to respond and sit at the pc to do much typing till my recovery is over, but I will take some time to read what you have come up with. I'm very interested.


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From: StormyC (STORMY538)9/8/01 10:53 AM 
To: HawkSings  (6 of 17) 
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Hau Hawksings,

Sorry it has taken me so long to answer. I've not been well, gallstones...yuk! this is a subject that has been near and dear to me, the old ways and how our ancestors used Alt. Meds. I am trying to put things like this on my web site at www.angelfire.com/wa/EARTHWAY/index.html

If you have any ideas or suggestions for me to add to my site they will be very welcome, also my Message board which can be reached from the address above. Which is where we can all go to share natural remedies and the ways of our ancestors as well as issues dealing with what we don't hear on the news about our enviroment and well being.

Hope to share info with you in the near future.


Earthway TLC - Lets get back to Tradition - Combining the old with the new.

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From: HawkSings9/9/01 4:59 PM 
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I had the worst gallbladder attack a couple of years ago. I couldn't even keep water down. What I discovered was that pure juice of beets, carrots and apples was the only thing that I could keep down. Whenever the old gall sack attempts a coup I retaliate with juice. I prefer natural remedies to western medicine. Thanx for the invite.



From: SLBeaver9/9/01 8:24 PM 
To: StormyC (STORMY538)  (8 of 17) 
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Greetings Stormy,

I noticed your statement about your surgery. I want you to know, you will be in my prayers and I deeply hope everything works out for you. Take Care and a Quick Recovery!!



From: thompson7079/10/01 10:01 AM 
To: StormyC (STORMY538)  (9 of 17) 
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A personal request:

I wish that you would be willing and able to go more into detail
about your brother who I say I remind you of...

Understand and know that my personal awareness came rather
indirectly not directly, i. e., like others on these threads
some of our folk either suppress knowledge about their indigenous
roots for the sake of just being identified as black or had mates
who had bad relations with other natives so no real desire to be
identified with them...

But, let us make make this issue more complicated, i. e., by
the way of forgetting that most of our forebears were common
folk, that is--farmers and laborers, so it was more an issue
of who was able to depend on who or not as to who respected who
or not at all...

Yah dig what I'm saying to yah?

People are just people...

Some get along...

Some don't...

Life still did--and does--go on!



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From: StormyC (STORMY538)9/10/01 6:25 PM 
To: thompson707  (10 of 17) 
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Hau brother Thompson

So good to finally hear from you. I've just come out of the hospital and feeling a bit crappy but I could not resist sending you a reply. can't sit here long but here it is....

My older brother is a wonderfully intelligent man. He is very outspoken, I suppose we all are in this family but He says whats on his mind weather you want to hear it or not. Some times he doesn't think about the way he is saying things and others take his message in the wrong context. I love his honesty, I know where I stand and do not have to guess as with most people. Something I have grown accustom to and find that I too have this trait once in a while. He says what he thinks, take it or leave it. Without trying to hurt anyones feeling, nothing personal intended. But some take his words personally, in consequence are hurt by his words. Takes a strong individual who is confident in themselfs to take the time to get to know him on a personal level.

I know who you are, and I love your honesty and truth of heart. Your intelligents by far out ways any words that 'may' be taken wrong. Keep sharing brother Thompson.....I'm listening!

Always, Stormy
Earthway TLC - Lets get back to Tradition - Combining the old with the new.


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