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I just finally got around to reading "Yellow Raft in Blue Water" byh Michael Dorris. I don't know if anyone knows the drama that surrounded him and his death, but I was wondering what that was all about.

Was he Native? Why did he commit suicide? Does Erdrich talk about him?


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From: IvySpring1/28/00 2:01 AM 
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I'm not sure about all the particulars surrounding his death, but I did hear that the whole tragedy was due in part to a sexual molestation charge filed against him. Micheal, like many of the writers of the past have been for the most part, part-Native individuals. I do think he may have been raised near rez folks or something like that.

From: Omoya (omoya1)1/28/00 9:37 AM 
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I re-read it with my kids, and yes, he was "part" Native, like his "ex," the amazing Louise Erdrich, who was, inspite of everything, his "soul mate." They wrote that book, and all of their books, sitting together, each one reading sections of their work together, commenting, crafting, sculpting... I used to want a relationship just like theirs...and then, the reality came to light...sigh...I don't know if Louise will EVER recover, but...their books, no matter what, will always be classics. There's a lot of controversy, and some Native scholars, as usual, don't think they deserve to be called "Native" authors. But those are the ones Sherman got after, when he asked them about their blonde, blue-eyed wives. I will never forget that master stroke--all those academics pontificating, and then Sherman came in and said, "Who are YOU all to talk?" It was great theater, and he made an excellent point!



From: Guest2/18/00 2:36 PM 
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I ran across these books while searching for some sources.

They sound interesting-I have yet to read them. They are mainly about mix blood people. Let me know if you have read any of them. One that I'm am dying to read is called "When Brer Rabbit meets Coyote by Jonathan Bradford Brennan. Those Uncle Remus Brer Rabbit stories are of GULLAH origin! I just found that out myself. Such interesting connections btw Gullah people and Indian people.


Earth Drivers- Gerald Vizenor

Almost White- Berry Brewton

As we are now:Essays on race and identity- editor William S. Penn


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