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From: SmilingWater6/2/02 10:23 AM 
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I have been partaking in powwows all of my life...and I have noticed that alot of folks that attend have no idea of "PowWow Etiquette"
After speaking with a few (light skinned) NA's that seem to have a problem with Black Indians, they told me that one of the reasons whey they have such a problem with "Black Indians" is that we are not aware of "PowWow" etiquette. Has anyone else experienced such maddness... I find this to be very sad. Racism amongst NA's in America is very sad... However, I do know of a woman who has just found out that she is part NA (which now makes her a blackindian) and says that she can't wait to go get her "hair did" and "nails done"
for the upcoming Powwow in Long
How can I inform her, without hurting her feelings ??
I have sent her this site below, but she just doesn't seem to get it...!
I have just came across this site and would like to share it with you

Smiling Waters

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From: ctj5276/2/02 12:58 PM 
To: SmilingWater  (2 of 45) 
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Welcome here, Native Sister!

In all due respect: Your friend seems and sounds like such a
media hyped American Beauty Queen so that a wake up call is
neccessary on general principles?

Keep it simple: "Just ask her, 'Are you kidding or what?!?'..."

It's not like she's going to a sf tv convention dressed up like
a Klingon Female Warrior or something...


Regardless: Nice to meet you!


P. S. The issue of red racism isn't going to be resolved by what
we do or don't at a powow!

Some of us here are well aware of the issues and problems it
presents us with...

And a few are trying to resolve that one...

Stay tuned...



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From: SmilingWater6/2/02 3:53 PM 
To: ctj527  (3 of 45) 
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Thank you CT for the warm welcome and good advice.
It's so nice to meet you as well.
Smiling Waters

From: nikkimo9116/3/02 4:27 PM 
To: SmilingWater  (4 of 45) 
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Regardless of their race, anyone not familiar with what goes on at a Pow-Wow is not going to be aware of the things that go on there.
There are people Black and White who claim to be Indian,and go to Pow-Wows all dressed up in Indian themed T-shirts, Minnetonka mocs and headbands with turkey feathers thinking that they can compete. And they cannot, why? Because they're not dressed appropriately (sp), and recieve stares, and they take that for racism. Sometimes it is, but most times it isn't.

As far as your friend getting her hair and nails done to go to a pow-wow, go ahead and let her. Just explain to her that she's there to watch and learn, no to dance. Once she's familiar with her nation and their regalia and dance styles, perhaps one day she can get out there with the best of them. Otherwise, just get her a shawl and go out on intertribals or a round dance, if she feels such a need to be involved.


From: JadeEyes6/4/02 2:41 PM 
To: SmilingWater  (5 of 45) 
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Hi there :) While Im rather new to this forum, I've know it's founder for several years. I joined on his invite after checking it out.
I was laughing at this post :) I've seen it so very much.

I figure it this way, if she's a sweet young thang, she just may be prepping up for a good powwow snaggin', ya know? :)

When I lived on Long Island, I've been to some of those powwows, quite a 'surprise' to someone like me, from Oklahoma. Verrrry different!


From: ctj5276/4/02 4:15 PM 
To: JadeEyes  (6 of 45) 
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Tell us about yours...

Methinks there's a more serious purpose and intent behind them...



Please elaborate further...

Thanks in advance!



From: Coconut Queen (JEANNE2469) DelphiPlus Member Icon6/6/02 8:39 PM 
To: nikkimo911  (7 of 45) 
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Well, I am one of those ignoramouses who doesn't know anything about pow wow etiquette--but I don't attend pow wows in a fake costume pretending to be Native American either. I go because I have a weakeness for earrings that dangle and Native flute music. There are always vendors who bring jewlery that I like.



From: nikkimo9116/6/02 8:45 PM 
To: Coconut Queen (JEANNE2469) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (8 of 45) 
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If there's anything you'd ever like to know, i'm sure if you posed it as a question to the group someone would be able to give you the information you need.

From: Coconut Queen (JEANNE2469) DelphiPlus Member Icon6/6/02 9:16 PM 
To: nikkimo911  (9 of 45) 
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I post on a number of Native American forums and everyone, including all of you at this forum, has always answered my questions and been very informative...and patient when I put my foot in my mouth.

Actually, I've never had any problems at any pow wows - and I am clearly not Native American. I think people can tell the difference between someone who's interested in them and someone who's not.

I live in Honolulu where white people like me are in the minority and have found that something as simple as a smile and a little interest in other people goes a long way.



From: JadeEyes6/7/02 11:12 AM 
To: ctj527  (10 of 45) 
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tell ya about what? :)

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