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From: blackgold519/8/02 5:00 PM 
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Talkin' Bout Miscegenation
New hope in America's race relations


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From: wanbli5299/8/02 5:35 PM 
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That's specious reasoning, considering that, according to the CIA, 60% of Mexicans are mixed, but look at Mexican race relations some time.

I've always wondered, however, if race relations were related to Darwinian evolution. You see, there are two ways for sexual selection to occur: Male competition and female selection. Most non-Western cultures engage in the latter, while the West engages in the former - in fact, under British common law, women are the property of their husbands. So, seeing the possibility of white women marrying black men - or Indian men - they had to put a stop to it. In fact, it's well-known that this was the case in early Massachusetts.


From: blackgold519/9/02 4:05 PM 
To: wanbli529  (3 of 48) 
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I know even you can do better than that -- bring it up to date, as the article does, interracial marriages are on the increase among all races. And, I know you might find this something hard to believe, but that just MIGHT be a good thing for society in general and race relations in particular.

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From: wanbli5299/9/02 10:19 PM 
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It might, but I'm skeptical. Maybe it's b/c I'm from Pine Ridge; back in the 70s, a junta of quarter-Indians called GOONs (Guardians of the Oglala Nation) were installed by Nixon, and they oftentimes engaged in assassination. There were similar cases on other reservations.

From: AMAIGEYA19/10/02 10:37 AM 
To: blackgold51  (5 of 48) 
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On some fronts that might be good for race relations but sometimes its not,when I was younger I saw a white woman walking down the street with her three black/white children. She was yelling at them at the top of her lungs swearing and using racial slurs, and even though I was a kid them I knew that just because she had children who were black/white doesn't mean that she isn't racist or that her children will be the future of race relations in this country.

From: ctj5279/10/02 11:49 AM 
To: AMAIGEYA1  (6 of 48) 
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Osiyo, poster...

One of the very reasons I reject that 'one size fits all' notion of
black identity is that it's wishful thinking at best?


It's intrusive/disrespectful/and none of our business...

People have and will choose to be with whomever they choose...

Not us...

But it seems and sounds that some can't move beyond reacting
or overreacting to whatever claims the bigots and racists
us to claim that makes all of us colored folk 'inferior'
and them 'superior'?

Says who?

Based on what?

The African identity comes out of a collective experience which
is also a reflection of the diversity of the populations
of its various nations...

So one's insights have to go deeper than 'talking black'
(ebonics) or the 'correct' hairstyle of the week/month/year...

We can easily learn from other people of African descent in
this hemisphere that time and again somebody decided that
their intermating/intermarrying/ with white folk and/or the
product of their conceptions was/is also used to justify
why they consider themselves 'superior' and us 'inferior'...

But who one choose to be with is a personal and private choice...

It should not determine their politics...

I do wish such folks all the best...

But I have my own battles to fight...

And they must fight their own...



From: blackgold519/10/02 3:05 PM 
To: wanbli529  (7 of 48) 
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It is good to know history, hopefully, because once you know where you came from, then, usually there is a clearer path, as to where you are going. What is happening now is most important, because that is where you are going. No one can change the past. We can only build on it to try and make things better for society now. And, I suppose, there are certain people, who do what they can in that regard, in their own way. Certainly, hiding you head in the sand, (so to speak) and pretending it doesn't exist, does nothing for anyone...including yourself.

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From: blackgold519/10/02 3:16 PM 
To: AMAIGEYA1  (8 of 48) 
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You are bringing up one negative, isolated incident. Who knows what this woman was going through in her life to make her that type of person to react to her children that way? What a poor example of an interracial family. I think that is very unfair. Do you know anyone who tried to assist the woman in any way - perhaps to obtain some help for her and her children. Or was your impression of the situation (as a child), so marred as to make such a blanket statement about her children? You assume so much. And, remember, life goes on. What you saw at that time, may have been how the situation was then. And speaking of her children, you don't know what they will be able to accomplish in their lives. Many times, children have been raised in some unfavorable conditions and "made good" in life. Do you know anything about that particular family now or what has happened to them?

Why not focus on what is good about such relationships and the good it can do in helping to bring "races" together in a family setting.

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From: AMAIGEYA19/11/02 11:15 AM 
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The woman's mother has moved into the house next to mine and she and all of her sisters have children that are black/white. The woman and all of her sisters come down to her mama's house and curse this woman out on a daily basis practically, and now the children are starting to scream and yell at their grandmother too, so...

Other incidents persist, my cousin is half white and lives in a predominantly white town, so his mama(who is white)her relatives call him the n-word and everything as if he is none of their blood, he is not even invited to their family gatherings or anything and he is only four years old, I mean what's good about that. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying that all families fall into the category I am just trying to show the other side.

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From: Coconut Queen (JEANNE2469) DelphiPlus Member Icon9/11/02 1:22 PM 
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I agree with you completely. According to the most recent census, 50% of the marriages in Hawaii are interracial. I've lived in Honolulu 23 years (transplant from Los Angeles), and it doesn't appear to me that the number of interracial marriages and miltiracial (not biracial, MULTIracial) people here hase been anything but a postitive influence.



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