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Shalom. My name is Amur. I am writing you about this
exciting food that has been rediscoverd called Pulse
in the book of Daniel 1:12 but today called Phi Pi (fi
pi ). This is the most perfect food for the human
organism (TEMPLE) outside of the Garden of Eden.This
company that has rediscoverd and put it out on the
market for us to benefit from has even more products
to benefit from. Did you know that most of our
utensils in the kitchen has nuclear waste mixed with
the alloids that make up our utensils? Check it out
for yourself. And our DVD called "license to kill"
(this is not a Steven Segal movie)is pretty
interesting to talking about the death culture we live
in full of drugs and obesity. Look into it your self.



1. The body is a electrical system not chemical. Most
good supplements are WHOLEFOOD base supplements.
2. Science studies the chemical compound of a plant
and isolate it and call it “active ingredient” and add
other stuff for flavor or other nutrients and call it
“inactive ingredients or other ingredients” to treat
the human organism based off the assumption that all
human being are chemical beings.
3. We are electrical beings and must consume the whole
food and not an ingredient, why , because NATURE
carries a ELECTRICAL LIFE FORCE information.
4. Toxins are something the body cannot use
(metabolize). Did you know that your body cant
metabolize some supplements (especially if there is a
sluggish colon)?
5. 95% of supplements are toxic because its not
WHOLEFOOD based (life force),its synthetic.
6. By testing supplements with S.E.V.A., is to see
which automatically will tell how it works on the
1ST.(For S.E.V.A. , Subtle Energetic Vibrational
Attunement email me at
7. The active ingredient n the human is the SPERM and
EGG which has a huge electrical charge however, if you
isolate the two, you cant create anything because it
needs the whole (so-called inactive) ingredient in
order to create so is the same with whole food
supplements verses synthetic ones .
8. If you only work on and supplement the physical
level, you will throw the emotional and spiritual
level off balance by causing toxicity.
9. Juices, fruits, vegetables and WHOLEFOOD
SUPPLEMENTS are best for us.
10.It takes about 3(wks) to reprogram certain levels
of the brain

 REMEMBER : Beliefs are not more important
than your body ( beliefs as in veganism,
vegetarianism, and meat eating), but knowledge
(knowing) what your body needs are most important and
 REMEMBER : We must allow the outside forces
to control us because we resonate with it when we cant
control it . We can only control the inside which in
turn will create an outside for you ,in other words (
put good things in your body so you will start to
become healthy from the inside to the
 REMEMBER : When you put something irritating
in the body it eventually becomes sensitized, so every
time you ingest the irritant ( supplement ), the body
reacts and this is called ALLERGY which can be tested
by S.E.V.A. and M.R.T.( Muscle Response Testing).

• Detox—cleansing
• Proper Nutrition—Proper information for the body;
Good organic food
• Mental Attitudes—state of your
consciousness—Emotional field
• Energy Flow—dynamics ; body and energy movement

There is an ancient sacred meal translated in the 16th
century by King James from the Hebrew (Zeroah or
Zerohim meaning Heart beat or Pulse of Life).In the
book of Daniel chapter 1, Daniel called it, Pulse but
today a more globally and historically correct name is
Phi Pi. Phi represents the 21st and Pi represents the
16th .These numbers also represent what mathematicians
call transcendental numbers. Ancient Hebraic and
Kemetan society as well as those than learned from
them, studied the infinite mysteries and applications
of Phi and Pi to ALL OF CREATION and their SACRED
GEOMETRIC RATIO’S to each other, then they learned how
to apply these 2 components to Art, Architecture, and
even their ceremonial meals. The Pulse/Zeroah (the
power of life force) was part of the Hebrew cultures
Minchah, “the sacred meal offerings” honoring the
Almighty of life (Yah Elhai). It is believed the
Minchah meal offerings referred to Genesis 1:29 and
Yah said “ Behold, I have given you every herb bearing
seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and
every tree, in which is the fruit of a tree yielding
seed; to you it shall be for meat”. Daniel in the book
of Daniel chapter 1, refused to eat the kings food of
Nebuchadnezzar. He said he wanted Pulse and ate for 10
days and was healthier than all the kings men. The
King tested Daniel and eventually wanted his own men
to take of it.
PHI PI is an ENERGETIC food. In science a super
conductor is a material that has no resistance to the
flow of energy. When your body has no resistance or
BLOCKAGES Mentally, Physically or Emotionally, the
spirit of intelligence within literally becomes a
super conductor. As well as a capacitor of
intelligence and the flow of the cosmic energy coming
into our life through the energetic continuum
increases exponentially. Within our bodies’
relationship to the energetic continuum, Obstructions
to the flow of energy can manifest on any level. These
obstructions can then cause health problems. So the
idea of regaining health is to clear the blockage from
the system and to reconnect the system to the flow of
the energetic continuum. The idea of embracing
principles of health is the only truly holistic
approach. Therapeutic methods are simply isolated
forms of trying to get to the whole.

PULSE anciently and today is put together
according to the Golden Mean, Golden Proportion,
Golden Section, Golden Rectangle, and the Golden
Spiral, as these patterns appear in food from natures
table and in what we today call the Fibonacci number
PULSE contains food items that grow either from
seed, vine, blossom, petal, or final fruit (veggie,
grain, etc.) in the patterns of five-pointed star,
spiral, square, circle, or equidistant cross. There
is a precise number of each of these shapes
represented in perfect ascending and descending
ratios of 8 to 5 in proportion of material amounts
used in relationship to the whole.
PULSE also carries the blessings of two
Messengers, in this case the oils of grape seed
(female) and walnut (male). Today these oils are
referred to as carrier oils but in the old world they
were referred to as messengers. It was believed that
their essence delivered the (living mathematical)
message of the contents they embraced—the formulation
they soak through and embody—to the keeper of the
house. You. Your body—Temple (1 Corinthians 3:16).
Did you KNOW that “The Living Math” which is the root
of “The Six Branches” of “The Tree of Mathematics is
the origin of Algebra, Logarithms, Geometry,
Trigonometry , and Calculus which have led to studies
in Probability, Statistics, Pure Mathematics, Applied
Mathematics, Non-Euclidean Geometry and have
eventually advanced the development of the Theory of
Relativity and Unified Field Theory Theorem. This has
led to the wonderful technologies of today that
blessed our lives in so many diverse ways---ALL of
this has its ROOTS in the Mathematical formulae of
PULSE / ZEROAH / PHI PI—Natures perfect food for the
human organism.
Wisdom is the ability to acquire knowledge and use it
in the service of others.
Tomorrow’s wisdom is the fulfillment of today’s
knowledge that was born out of yesterday’s beliefs.
Our beliefs are our own, but what we KNOW is even more
important than our beliefs, for it is the ability to
convert these beliefs into Truth which will lead us to
Ultimate Wisdom-----Wisdom is the principle thing
therefore get wisdom but with all thy getting get
Understanding {Proverbs}------------- Please go to
this site for more information: amur.wholefoodfarmacy.
They also have the 10 Daniel fast which has been
taking pounds off of people.Talk to you soon.Peace

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