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From: Semmaster10/12/06 6:05 PM 
To: stormshaddow  (16 of 31) 
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My family, on my mother's side migrated from Virginia to West Virginia to Ohio.
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From: Semmaster10/12/06 6:09 PM 
To: stormshaddow  (17 of 31) 
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The woman in the picture is my great grandmother on my father's side. I'm not sure if she was a free woman of color or Native American mixed. I do know that she was mixed.


From: Semmaster10/12/06 6:26 PM 
To: stormshaddow  (18 of 31) 
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I don't need to proof anything to you nor anyone else. Not only am I a card caring member of the Appalachian American Indians of West Virginia (AAIWV), I also carry the blood of the third President of The United States...

From: ctj52710/12/06 9:10 PM 
To: Semmaster  (19 of 31) 
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I admit to coming in late on this one?

Though I'm not quite sure what the nature of the argument/conflict is...

Care to elaborate?

If so:

I'd appreciate a further reply...




From: stormshaddow10/13/06 1:05 AM 
To: Semmaster  (20 of 31) 
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Rosetta321 is the troll.


From: Semmaster10/13/06 6:18 AM 
To: stormshaddow  (21 of 31) 
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I very sorry for my outburst.....


From: ctj52710/13/06 11:22 AM 
To: Semmaster  (22 of 31) 
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It is good to know that you do realize and recognize your own mistakes...

I also hope that Stormshadow will accept your apology...


Nobody's  'perfect'...

And let us three move forward again...







From: ctj52710/13/06 11:28 AM 
To: Isis (georgia18) DelphiPlus Member Icon unread  (23 of 31) 
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Good morning,  Cherokee cuz!

But,   based on any number of reasons I'm not yet hip to,   as in--lacking either family oral or written history to confirm it--one way or another,   I too will be very interested to find out if the names 'Kenneths'  or 'Thompson'  turns up on that aformentioned history of free colored folk in the North Carolina related part of the link you were nice enough to share with us,  here...

So thanks for caring and sharing that link...

Take care...




From: Semmaster10/13/06 1:13 PM 
To: ROSETTA321  (24 of 31) 
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doraanderson.jpg (62307 bytes)

Dora Anderson Miller, born June 1859 in Henry County, Tennessee, married George Miller in Chattanooga and died in Ohio in 1924. She was the daughter of Sandy Anderson who was born in Granville County, North Carolina, in 1825. She was apparently the descendant of Files (Phillis?) Anderson, born about 1785, who was listed in Sandy's household in the 1880 Henry County census.

The Anderson family of Granville County was freed in 1712 by the Norfolk County, Virginia will of John Fulcher.

Steven E. Miller, owner of the photo, can be contacted at:

These Freed Slaves were Mulattos. Also if you look at the 1820-30-50 census of Granville, NC you will see a large list of these Anderson Mulattos who were all free and some of them owned slaves themselves and traded along with their White counter parts.

From: stormshaddow10/13/06 4:13 PM 
To: Semmaster  (25 of 31) 
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Pobodys nerfect ;op
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