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From: ROSETTA3218/13/06 9:52 PM 
To: Isis (georgia18) DelphiPlus Member Icon unread  (7 of 10) 
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Didn't this kennewick Man turn out to be the actor Patrick Stewart of white Scandinavian ancestry ???? ... who played the captain in Star Trek: Next Generation fame.

Which goes to show how UNRELIABLE all this crap about rebuilding a human face from a skeletal remains is .... LOL!   It's strictly science fiction!


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From: ctj5278/16/06 10:43 AM 
To: ROSETTA321  (8 of 10) 
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This post is downright silly!


Later for this too!



From: ctj5278/16/06 10:45 AM 
To: All  (9 of 10) 
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One more time:

This is also a part of a deliberate effort to undermine whatever discussions/debates/etc.  we're having now by reviving a thread about something we discussed/debated long ago...

Later for this as well...


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From: ROSETTA3218/17/06 12:12 AM 
To: ctj527  (10 of 10) 
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  • This post is downright silly! >> (Groan)... >> Later for this too!

You must use you time wisely to read anything.  There is even a website that compares Patrick Stewart to the Kennewick man.  I suggest you take some time and read it.  o

And then there was a thread on another messageboard about the Kennewick man remains allegedly being assigned by the court to Patrick Stewart claiming that they were the remains of his ancestor ... that is according to the rebuilding the face from skeletal remains.  This sounded like a prank to me and a lead-in for someone later to come up with some bones of a man and claim him to be Jesus Christ, and then have someone come forward who looked just like the re-created face and be declared by the court to be Jesus Christ ancestor.  But since nothing is mentioned of what this thead claimed on the following link which has all information up-to-date on the Kennewick man, I think it was a prank.  I suggest you read it also. Kennewick Man News  o

You need to learn to read and search out a topic before you speak on it.



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