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From: YehudahAvram1/23/07 10:40 PM 
To: ROSETTA321  (8 of 42) 
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You can't be serious?
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From: ctj5271/24/07 9:52 AM 
To: YehudahAvram  (9 of 42) 
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Good morning,  poster...

And welcome to this forum  (such as it is)...

But our various relations putting forth blind faith in religious dogma is nothing new either!

My life goes on anyway...

May you do likewise...



From: ROSETTA3211/24/07 11:01 PM 
To: YehudahAvram  (10 of 42) 
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  • You can't be serious?

Can't be serious about what? 

Pocahontas being a slave after being kidnapped? 

The "official" verison of the married Pocahontas kidnapping by the English (British) is that she was kidnapped by  Captain Samuel Argall for ransom, and not for slavery:   

"He had kidnapped her in 1613 "for the ransoming of so many Englishmen as were prisoners with Powhatan: as also to get ... armes and tools ... [and] some quantities of Corne, for the colonies relief." The Europeans, who regarded Pocahontas as a princess, were surprised that her father did not redeem her, but in a matrilineal society she could not inherit her father's power and so was relatively unimportant."  .... <>

"Relations with the Indians continued to be generally friendly for the next year, and Pocahontas was a frequent visitor to Jamestown. She delivered messages from her father and accompanied Indians bringing food and furs to trade for hatchets and trinkets. .... Captain Samuel Argall, learned where she was, he devised a plan to kidnap her and hold her for ransom. With the help of Japazaws, lesser chief of the Patowomeck Indians, Argall lured Pocahontas onto his ship." .... <>

No surprise the Native Americans have a different more accurate version of what happened to Pocahontas ... not the highly fictionalized hollywood account of her short life and a white male called Smith, which is much like the lies these same western europeans tell about the Cleopatra (16 to 18 years old) at the time of Rome's invasion and conquest of Egypt ...  falsely claiming that she was the Queen of Egypt (as her 13 year old brother was pharaoh) and she seduced Julius Ceasar (56 years old) and Mark Anthony having children for both men and then killing herself when defeated by Octavius ... When in fact Cleopatra simply comitted suicide by throwing herself onto the waves when the Romans overthrew her brother (killed) and plundered Egypt.

"The true Pocahontas story has a sad ending. In 1612, at the age of 17, Pocahontas was treacherously taken prisoner by the English while she was on a social visit, and was held hostage at Jamestown for over a year." <>

And for all we know, Pocahontas died in captivity of the English in the USA, since no one one of her people ever saw her again.  And for her alleged descendants by the white male she allegedly married, named Thomas Rolfe ... we know this cannot be true since Pocahnotas would have given birth to a male mulatto which would have been sterile and incapable of reproducing.

As for no western european immigrant Negroes being slaves but rather indentured servants with contracts enforced under white law .... these are documented facts.  Just check the records of the northeast states where the Dutch were the first to set up settlements, as they were the first to bring in Negroes from their colonies in the West Indies as indentured servants in small groups (Bahamas, Jamaica and Barbados).  Then Native American Shemites and Kus_ites were enslaved by the millions by the English (British).  Then the USA set up a government and imposed a migration tax (up to $10) for everyone brought into any state to live, payable to the feds.  So there is no way that the alleged tens of millions of black slaves from Africa were ever brought into the USA as no state could afford to pay the migration tax.  The majority of these Negroes of immigrant western european origins came into the USA after 1868 starting with the presidency of U.S. Grant.  Since then tens of millions have illegally come into the USA via Canada now calling themselves African Americans.  And with no legal documentation .... the LIE that they are descendants of enslaved Africans who were brought to the USA as slaves is supposed to be accepted without question as fact ... Therefore, the USA government which illegally occupies the Shemite and Kus_ite Native American homelands should be given over to these immigrant black Negroes of western european ancestry, ...  like the way the ancestral homelands of the indigenous Africans were given over to these same Negroes from western europe because they claimed to be of African ancestry -- and no one checked out this lie.



From: ctj5271/26/07 12:36 PM 
To: ROSETTA321  (11 of 42) 
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The issue and problem is not merely how you present some (not all)  of the truth as regards who wound up here by choice  (black and/or mulatto indetured servants)  as opposed to change/fate/awfully bad luck  (most of our enslaved african ancestors):

Like other self appointed know it alls you presume that what you choose to believe can't and won't be disputed by any number of verified facts (which are easily available to us who make the effort to find them)...

Though worse of all you continue to preach--not reach--and hardly to teach...


There aren't more than a few of us who post on this particular forum...

So please quit wasting our time et al (because you're not going to make us your latest converts of your cult either)!




From: ctj5271/26/07 12:50 PM 
To: YehudahAvram  (12 of 42) 
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Good morning,  Yehudah Avram...

But you have to always remember that since the reign of Bush 43 any number of closet house kneegrows have profited by being their go betweens and/or trying to get us to believe our enemies are our friends and our friends our enemies too...

Ditto no big leap from denying the role of some whites in the states who were supporters of Hitler  (and who claim the Jewish Holocost never happened)  up to and including some deluded kneegrows claiming what Rosetta does about the African Holocost too...

The flip side is the historical record et al strongly suggests there was one...

And now we have to undo the damage...

It also wound help if the black majority's mainstays quit pretending we black indians don't exist and acknowledge our ancestors aiding their own attempts to win back their own freedom et al as well...


Big props to the mainstays of the African/Indigenous Freedmen Descendants organizations...

Take care of yourself as well...





From: casimiro (casimiro7)1/28/07 10:36 PM 
To: ROSETTA321  (13 of 42) 
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Hello Rosetta,,

After reading your most recent response, i thought i would jump in and ad a little bit to it that my research has taught me.  It's a fact that many of the earlier Africans who arrived in the new world were indentured servants from the Dutch, Brittish, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish; and i know that when you spoke your part above that you weren't speaking in the absolute.   Other earlier Africans who arrived-- for whatever reasons-- also were not slaves.  I have learned though that race mixing DID occur considerably-I might add- up until the 1800s.  As you know, the earliest plantations in the new world were in south and central america.  When the first europeans arrived and discovered tobacco and sugar cane, they needed labor to cut them.  These europeans tried to enslave the indigenous peoples first, but many of them died from contacting diseases from the Euros.  They tried indentured servants, but many of them died from natural diseases like malaria.   Then they tried Africans, and even the indigenous peoples marveled at how healthy the Africans were.  They seemed immune to malaria and to the diseases carried by the Euros, and this fact seemed intriguing to the natives.  Race mixing occuried for the simple sake of survival of the tribes.  This was not an issolated phenomena.   To return to the point,   if we discuss the status of the earliest African visitors to the new world, I would refer us all to Van Sertima's:THEY CAME BEFORE COLUMBUS.   He says Africans came here as Explorers and sailors.   That's a far cry from indentured servants and slaves.


From: ROSETTA3211/28/07 10:46 PM 
To: ctj527  (14 of 42) 
 733.14 in reply to 733.12 
  • Ditto no big leap from denying the role of some whites in the states who were supporters of Hitler  (and who claim the Jewish Holocost never happened)  up to and including some deluded kneegrows claiming what Rosetta does about the African Holocost too...

I am not a Negro of western european immigrant Yaphetite ancestry ... nor are any of the real indigenous Native Americans.  And as I said before .... you can't make a Shemite out of a Negro ... no matter how much plastic surgery, wigs/weaves/hair implants and skin bleaching one applies to cosmetically make them over.   You need to give it a rest and stop wasting our time with this useless western euroepan propaganda as if every indigenous Native American is stupid ... as if the same Lord who created you didn't created us as well.

And as far is this western european Hitler sacrifice to their pagan god you call the Jewish Holocost ... All the films I've seen that were supposed to be of concentration camps and Jews held by the Nazis ... they all showed seed of the serpents claiming to be Jews.  So in effect ... the white Nazis under Hitler simply killed their own faking it as Jews... as real Jews are the sons of Shem. As we all know ... the Negroes of europe ran out ALL the real Jews centuries earlier -- remember the Spanish Inquisition?

And as for this manufactured western european propaganda called 'African holocost' ... I would say this is yet come to light. As the real indigenous native Africans or sons of Racham/Cham/Ham are rarely shown in the media and no accurate report of what have happened to them have come to light yet.  The latest incidence that vaguely resembles an 'African holocost' is the genocide in Rwanda ... where western european Negro Hutus tried to murder all the real indigenous Tutsi Africans.  We can only imagine what has happened to the rest of the real Africans as the invading western eruopean Negroes tighten their grip of the continent they illegally invaded centuries earlier.  Also, there was a story about the Bushmen or Sans who are also real native Africans that were illegally rounded up and placed in camps in Namibia ... where the ruling Negroes claim this illegal detention is supposed to be for their own good.

But with respect to these western european Negroes faking it as African and claiming a non-existent 'african diaspora' ... we need to to hold them accountable for the decimation of all Shemitic and Chamitic peoples throughout the world ... especially those Chamitic peoples in Africa they have deliberately misclassified as "caucasians" ... as the children of Cham and the Negro western european children of Yaphet look nothing alike whatsoever.  And it is only satanic trickery to classified the seed of the serpent as 'caucasians' ... so as to steal the ancestral homelands of the Shemites (who are also falsely classified as 'caucasians' and look nothing like Negroes) and Chamitic peoples.


From: ROSETTA3211/28/07 10:57 PM 
To: ctj527  (15 of 42) 
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  • Like other self appointed know it alls you presume that what you choose to believe can't and won't be disputed by any number of verified facts (which are easily available to us who make the effort to find them)...

Bring on your facts ... All our lives we've been brainwashed and lied to while our lands have been invaded by the Negroes of western europe ... first using their white footsoldiers to do all the bloodiest fighting with or ancestors and now with immigrant black Negroes illegally coming in by the tens of millions via Canada fasley claiming they are descendants of nonexistent 'african slaves' in the USA ... and trying to fake it as descendants of indigenous Shemite Native Amerians on reservations so as to invade and further decimate them from within by demanding membership.

Bring on your facts to support any of this propaganda about 'african slaves' in the USA and about alleged intermarriages between Negro indentured servants and Shemite Native Americans, Yamases (Israelites) and #### who were in the Americans long before western europeans invaded.

  • So please quit wasting our time et al (because you're not going to make us your latest converts of your cult either)!

Since when is posting the truth based upon facts and not political propaganda a waste of time?  This is our homelands ... and no lie you can tell is going to change this fact... and calling this illegal western european invasion 'columbus discovery of a new world' isn't going to change this fact either.



From: casimiro (casimiro7)1/28/07 10:57 PM 
To: ROSETTA321  (16 of 42) 
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I refer you to a book I read on Africans' arrival to the continent.  It's called :  " Before the Mayflower,  1619-?"  , by Lerone Bennett Jr.    It speaks of how the majority of Africans came to be in America, and believe it;  it wasn't as indentured servants.   The majority of Africans were broutht here as captives, to be sold into slavery.   They were viewed as chattel; and therefore weren't taxed as were indentured servants.  

 I don't profess Mr. Bennett's book to be without debatable material, but I believe you will respect the author's research.   I hope you and others find these statements helpful.


From: casimiro (casimiro7)1/28/07 11:05 PM 
To: ROSETTA321  (17 of 42) 
 733.17 in reply to 733.14 
no matter where you come from; as long as you're a black man, YOU'RE AN AFRICAN!!!      What the hell is yall talking about?   It sounds like someone is trying to divide one people against itself.  Divide and conquer as a mind game in 2007?

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