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From: ROSETTA3214/20/07 9:28 PM 
To: Beattybug (BCD3) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (46 of 62) 
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  • You are a miserable person with no life and also a mental case. ... You are so out of it, that you don't even realize how dam crazy you sound and how nobody ever agrees with you or want to be around you.    That's why on these forums you are a joke to everybody, ...

Very accurate description of yourself....

  • All your postings sounds lunatic.  Nobody will ever print your crazy ass thoughts or opinions in their publications. 

Again  ... very accurate description of why no local newspaper editor will print what you write.

  • You'll stay on that waiting list forever. 

There is no waiting list for Letters to the Editor.  If anyone told you that there was, then this explains you comment:  "So you come to these forums to post that crazy ass sh..t."

  •   I don't deal with crazy ass people in real life off the net. 

 Apparently you don't deal with any real people at all ... do you? Otherwise you'd know how to post an intelligent message and response on these boards -- whether anyone agrees or not.

  • Ok, I'm tired of talking to you.  I've given you enough attention.  Attention you don't deserve.   I'm sure I'll get another crazy ass reply from you. You're boring with no real comebacks.  ...   I have better things to do than to keep carrying on a conversation with your crazy ass.

Sounds like you've been told all this quite a few times before.  Want some righteous advice? 

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From: ROSETTA3214/20/07 9:32 PM 
To: stormshaddow  (47 of 62) 
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  • DAMN! So you're paranoid and delusional! LMAO!

If this is accurate ... then why are you spending so much energy and time using your SOP tactic of making me out to be anything but a real person telling what the facts are?  The only ones who get this type of treament are those enlightening the public to what's really going on in this country.

BTW ... you never did tell us what your ancestral roots are.



From: Beattybug (BCD3) DelphiPlus Member Icon4/21/07 2:49 PM 
To: ROSETTA321  (48 of 62) 
 740.48 in reply to 740.46 

Want some righteous advice? 


Here's some for you, take your medication!!!!!!!!!


From: stormshaddow4/26/07 2:07 AM 
To: ROSETTA321  (49 of 62) 
 740.49 in reply to 740.47 

A old tactic of an 'attention getter'.

"What I'm saying is the truth. That's why the government is out to get me."

Unless you're a child molestor like Malichi York, you have nothing to worry about.

You're broke,dumb, and a threat to no one.

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From: ROSETTA3214/27/07 10:14 PM 
To: stormshaddow unread  (50 of 62) 
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  • A old tactic of an 'attention getter'. <> "What I'm saying is the truth. That's why the government is out to get me."

So ... who's out to get you?  And why do you want attention...?  BTW, since when has this foreign western government been a friend of the indigneous Native American peoples?

  • Unless you're a child molestor like Malichi York, you have nothing to worry about.

You must be a fan of this Malichi York else you wouldn't keep bringing up this name no one but covert ops has ever heard of before.  And why do you feds love dealing with child molestors as special agents or covert ops ...?

  • You're broke,dumb, and a threat to no one.

I'm broke because the feds made it happen, as they keep the vast majority of all indigneous Native Americans down under economic bondage ... so that we will never accumulate any wealth to improve our lives or finance any legal challenge to the continued foreign western subjugation <colonial rule> which should have ended long ago in these modern time.

If I was dumb, then you wouldn't be posting to me.  Nor would I have small army following me everywhere I go.

I am a threat to no one.  You should tell the feds this so they can send their small army of covert ops who follow me around somewhere else. The feds claim they don't have money to pay for health care for Americans ... yet they have no problems paying all these immigrant covert ops and special agents to follow our Native American peoples around everywhere we go and pay child molesters and prostitutes as special agents who work and lie for them in helping to set us up.


From: AwiEtsi5/8/07 5:13 PM 
To: All  (51 of 62) 
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Hello All.

In view of the history of the United States, and the hateful discrimination that has occurred against both Native & African Americans, it is appalling to me that such a ruling would be accepted.  On the other hand, I understand the need to limit "who" can be a registered member, but as the Dawes rolls go so far back, and whereas some people had status before, it seems unkind to shove these previously accepted people "out the door", so to speak.  The Cherokee Nation is just doing the same thing that Whites did to them.  It was not only full blooded Cherokee people on that march in the Trail of Tears.  Those who are excluded had their ancestors there and suffering too.  If it is about money and who can get what, that is enough to make anyone want to limit who can be considered a Native.  I, for one, have 3 Native tribes of ancestry running theough my blood.  Many of us do not want a "cut" into what the government can give to us.  Many of us are not accepted among Whites or African Americans, and just want a place and a people to belong to.  Shall we also be shunned by those who, in the past time, accepted us?  Should my very Native looking children be disdaioned by those who have also suffered the same, and should "know better".?  If we all belong to and are created by the Great Spirit, and as Natives, know full well, we cannot disalolow or mistreat another without it coming back to us, and our having to answer to it before Creator, how can one Native MISTREAT another in any way, and still consider themselves Native in spirit as well as genealogy?  How hypocrital to do what was ever done to you without good moral reason.  I and mine stand for love, unity, truth, and honesty toward all, despite what background you may come from.  That is what Creator wants among all of his creatures, whether two, four, six, eight legged, armed, or winged.  I have not much more to say.  What goes around, comes around, and the Peacemaker said to not only love Creator, but our neighbor as ourself.  Blessings. AwiEtsi.


From: AwiEtsi5/8/07 5:22 PM 
To: ChfRedhawk  (52 of 62) 
 740.52 in reply to 740.2 

Dear Chief,

I agree with you.  It is directly against what Creator wants all of His Native peoples to be about.  We cannot have love, unity, peace and honesty if we take on the ways of the washichu.  It will only divide us further, and Peacemaker said "a house divided against itslf cannot stand."  I and mine are Cherokee-Shawnee(eastern band originally), Creek(Alabama), Potowatamie, and Iowa Sac/Fox for my parents, grandparents, great, &2-great grandparents.  How dows one war against this type of decision?   Sincerely desiring peace and unity.  AwiEtsi.


From: AwiEtsi5/8/07 5:42 PM 
To: ROSETTA321  (53 of 62) 
 740.53 in reply to 740.10 

Respectfully speaking,

 I am a licensed medical professional, graduate(Suma Cum Laude) from the university I attended,  of nearly 30 years.  What one person considers as a definition may not fly in the medical journals, or the AMA, but you would seem to want to take what you can from what Whites consider valid, and because it suits you,  say, "that is how it is?"Basically, you unfortunately seem in your attitude as racist as those who shoved our ancestors off onto reservations in the first place, or enslaved others from the continent of Africa.   That is sad, and also would unfortunately make you a hypocrite, rather than a Native with the full heart of love and untiy of the Creator.  Many of us of mixed ancestry do not want government "privileges", but as we have not "fit" into the cultures we are surrounded by, and have been hated by Whites and non-whites alike, we hope those who are Native, and have also been hated and mistreated, would know how to treat others like us with mixed Native blood.  Obviously, you have become as stony hearted and hateful as the washichu.  I am sorry for you, and hope that I and mine do not have to meet or suffer at the hands of those who may also hold to your views.  What makes you any different than the white supremists?  Sorry.  I just find your reply too one-sided and mis-informed.  I wish you the best.  Only and always wanting the best for all, and love, unity, peace, and honesty that Creator put in the hearts of all His Native Peoples.  AwiEtsi.


From: ctj5275/9/07 12:21 PM 
To: AwiEtsi unread  (54 of 62) 
 740.54 in reply to 740.51 

Osiyo/Halito,  AwEtsi!

And,  welcome to our forum,  poster...

Such as it is!



From: ctj5275/9/07 12:25 PM 
To: ChfRedhawk  (55 of 62) 
 740.55 in reply to 740.54 

Afternoon,   Redhawk!

And it's been far too long since we've been in contact with each other too!

After having said/written that:

The Cherokee Freedmen disenrolment vote has angered and outraged african/indigneous folk outside of the ranks of those directly affected:

Let us also reach out to them and find out what the rest of our very unique extended family feels and is one their minds too!


Until next time:

Take care of you and yours as well...




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