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The Path of Friendship

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A friendly place to come and visit. Consider it your tea garden where we can sit and chat about things dear to your heart and health. Come share some recipes and some health tips. Some exercises you've discovered. Come talk about your diet, you health, your expectations of life. You name it, we will talk about it and listen with a caring heart.

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Welcome to the Path of Friendship

picture credit - Janet Kruskamp

Please make yourself at home.
Consider this your home away from home.  Take a break, put up your feet.  Reach up for that cup of coffee or tea, water or vitamin drink.  Come talk to us about your life, your home, your heart and your health.  We want to talk about anything on your heart or mind.   Come in and share your love and laughter, your goals and your accomplishments, your tears and fears. You will find a lovely group of peeps just waiting to be your friend!