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Rules of this forum   Announcements, Administration

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Annie (Orange46)

From: Annie (Orange46)


The guidelines are simple. Debate, discuss, have fun, be serious.... but remember, proper etiquette and charity must be observed at ALL times by ALL forum users.   Others here may be as adamant in their opinions and ideas as you are. In other words, always remember to respect the thoughts, ideas and opinions of the others who visit here.

However in order to maintain some civility, and thus, quality debate,  intolerant messages, and messages filled with personal attacks (left or right), may be deleted with or without notice. While we will be moderating this forum, we would prefer that you police yourselves.


Free Speech: "Free speech" should mean "the freedom to express one's opinion, even if the view is not the majority view". It should be limited to an opinion about events, policies, issues, etc., and should not include one's hostile opinion of another poster.

Using this site to further any hate speech or terrorize another poster (ad hominems) is not permitted. (The Host takes this very seriously. There is a way to state your opinion without Ad Hominems.)


Ad Hominems: Please avoid attacking a person instead of the post. Think objectively when reading others opinions. Personal attacks, characterization of posters (including staff) and other conduct that would harm members of this community will not be tolerated.  Use of the personal attack demonstrates the poster's lack of argument.

While we make every effort to discourage ad hominems, we are more lenient with those who are defending themselves after a personal attack, and with those whose regular behavior is consistent with the rules.  In addition, those who regularly flout the rules will be dealt with more severely.

Bottom line: The way you behave on this forum, and treat people will largely determine how you are treated by the posters and the staff. If you come in with a nasty attitude, you will be treated in kind.

Do not abuse the staff: The staff of this forum are unpaid and work many hours to provide all of us a place to discuss the issues.  They are not subject to abuse by forum members on the basis of their staff position. Persistent attacks on policy or staff are not welcome. Attempts to undermine these policies through campaigns on the message board, chat, or in e-mail are will result in expulsion from the Forum. We will also not allow endless rehashing of alleged grievances or disagreements.

Administrative: If you disagree with a decision that any staff has made, want to complain about it, or even compliment them, you are invited to start a new thread about it under Announcements or you may direct an email to: Please do not disrupt a flow of conversation.

Note: Moderators decisions are not open to unending discussion.  No one is forcing you to be here, and this is not the only outlet for your opinions. Don't think you're going to change anything, especially "us", by complaining all the time. If you really feel that oppressed, maybe you'd be happier somewhere else. If you choose to post only complaints about how miserable it is here, don't expect to be able to post in here for much longer.  We can and will gag or lock you out of this forum. (**See bottom of this message.)

Advice from the Host or Moderators that your posting is inappropriate should be taken seriously. If you disagree with the Host or Moderator you may appeal in the proper place, the Administration folder. This is a semi-private folder.

Posts arguing discipline in the other threads will be deleted. Your participation is desired, but not essential. Failure to comply will result in your non participation.

Disruptive behavior: Generally disruptive behavior is considered to be behavior which repeatedly disrupts the flow of civil conversation on the forum.  It is more a measure of the volume of disruption than the severity of a few disruptive posts.

Some typical examples are (but are not limited to):  Persistent debate or quibbling over an editing or administrative decision, and persistent probing of the limits of forum guidelines by behavior which is technically within the rules but still achieves the goal of disrupting the forum.

Persons present solely to disrupt the forum (trolls) will be banned. Banishments: If you have been banned from this forum for a violation of the rules, DO NOT return using a new Delphi account! This is a violation of Delphi's Terms of Service and will be reported. Delphi's usual punishment for this offense is to revoke the fake account, and occasionally the user's original account as well.

If it is determined by the staff that the good order and participation of the members of this Forum is underminded by a particular users participation, their privilege can be terminated with or without prior notice. This rule is intended to cover those intangible exigencies that cannot easily be specified by other rules.


Copyright infringement: News articles from outside sources are often posted in the forum. We suggest you post only part of a story with a link to the source.

When posting an online article, one should include the title, author information, a few paragraphs in order to let us know what the article is about, and a link to the web page where the article is located.

Third Party Posts: If you are having an issue with another member, please direct your posts to the member in question or to one of the moderators. If it happened on another forum please keep it there. Please refrain from making third party references to them in posts or to other members on this forum. Either talk to the party directly or use the ignore feature of your Delphi membership. Threats to other posters will not be tolerated. More on third party posts can be found here.


Spamming: You are welcome to promote your forum, but nothing else. Please see your TOS on Spamming and Advertising on Delphi Forums.

Controversial Issues

Slurs: Use of racial, gender, ethnic, and/or anti-gay slurs is a gray area and may be subject to deletion without notice.  Although we do not want to censor views, we certainly do not want to encourage it as such behavior is dangerous and can result in TOS violations.

Proselytization. Expressing your opinion and proselytization are not the same thing.  Do not pulpit pound or preach in here. Such behavior is unwanted. You will be warned and eventually asked to leave if you persist in this behavior.

R-ratings: Excessive vulgarity, profanity inappropriate sexual references, racist remarks, etc. or graphic images will not be tolerated. If you must post something graphic, it should be related to the topic at hand, posted as a link and it must have a disclaimer or warning label.

Abortion Debate: Although we would like to have a free spirited debate about all topics, we have found from experience, that policing posters passionate about these issues requires more maintenance than the staff has time. Therefore, this topic is forgiven.


Signature files: Please limit to your signature file to no more than 10 lines in height.  Sig graphics are allowed but to respect forum members with slower connections, please don't make them excessively large. Also, graphics must be in reasonably good taste. (See rule above about R-ratings) Larger signatures will be allowed on occasion if they are not used excessively.

**Hosts and moderators reserve the right to gag or outright ban any user that does not follow the rules or respond to requests made by the staff. Each conflict is evaluated on an individual case by case basis and the management team alone decides who stays and who goes and why. The staff does not need a reason to gag or ban anyone.

***Policies and rules of are subject to change without notice.

There is no 'right to be here'. Got a problem with the forum rules? Here's what Delphi employees have to say about it:

Forums are PRIVATE property.

It's up to the host!
Trolls to be dealt with accordingly.

If you have further questions please see your Delphi Terms Of Service Agreement.

Annie (Orange46)

From: Annie (Orange46)