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In Loving Memory of SKPer


Our beloved SKPer has passed away.

I met SKP (Sandy IRL) in a TalkCity chat room early in 1998. We began an amazing friendship that would last just shy of 25 years.

Sandy was the kindest person and thoughtful of everyone. Despite her own ongoing health challenges, she always found the strength to uplift others.

She brought love and laughter into the lives of so many. She arranged holiday parties in the room: Christmas, Halloween, Fourth of July – if there was a holiday, there was a party. Probably the best were the birthday parties. She celebrated members’ birthdays, many with surprise parties, and made everyone feel they belonged here.

She loved games, and many chats were filled with Word Games, Puzzles, and later even a weekly Bingo Day. And the recipes we shared over the years could fill a book.

Her arms reached around the world, gathered us up, and wrapped us in laughter, love, and camaraderie, in real time. If you were homebound due to age or illness, you can understand the value of finding acceptance in a group like this. You had found a place where, at least for a little while each day, pain and incapacity didn’t matter. You could engage in life again. You would never be rejected here just because your body couldn’t keep up with real life. 

Sandy brought joy to the lives of both the sick and the well. A lot of our members weren’t even old or sick, but stayed for the warmth and love Sandy embraced everyone with. She was the strongest person I know and had the most engaging sense of humor of anyone I’ve met. She had so many friends online whom she truly cared about. She listened, encouraged, and supported each and every one. 

I thank God for leading me to that chat room so many years ago. My friendship with her was one of His greatest blessings in my life. My heart breaks missing her, and I long to share one more late night chat with her.  

Rest in the arms of the angels, my friend, until we meet again.

((((((((((((((((SKPer)))))))))))))) :) Night! Love you! Xoxo :)







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