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This is the sister site of Travel Nurses and Therapists. Travelers can connect with recruiters, post their assignment needs or scan open positions.

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Travel Nurses & Therapists Recruiting Forum

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TNT Recruiting Forum evolved out a request from travelers for a place to have recruiters post jobs separate from our main forum.  This forum is separated into specialty folders which are reserved for recruiters to post available positions and for travelers to respond to them. We hope this sister forum will help travelers connect with recruiters to find the best assignment possible.

NEW MEMBERS: We ask for your patience as we review your initial posts.  There will be a delay in your posts appearing on the forum.



Your TNT Moderators

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1. All posters must abide by the same rules as stated on the Travel Nurses & Therapists start page.

2. Please keep all posts in the appropriate folder; travelers may answer recruiting posts in each folder but the initial posts from travelers looking for an assignment are to be placed in the Travelers Seeking Assignments folder.

3. Travelers are not to answer questions directed at recruiters in any folder.

4. Please do not post any traveler-to-traveler comments or questions in this forum; all traveler-to-traveler messages are to be posted on the Travel Nurses & Therapists Forum.

5. Posts not following the rules will be deleted or denied. 












1. Read and abide by Delphi's Terms of Service (TOS).

2. Recruiters are to separate their job postings by specialty and place them in the appropriate folder. We encourage you to include specifics.

3. Do not place recruiting posts for any specialties unrelated to travel nurses or therapists, such as PA's, Medical Assistants and Social Workers.

4. Posts with multiple specialties not related to the folder, general posts or posts unrelated to travel positions are not allowed.

5. A complete signature is required by recruiters at the end of EVERY post to include the recruiter's full name, agency name, telephone number and email address; extraneous messages, pictures or recruiting lines are to be above the signature line.  Links to company websites are optional.

6. While recruiters may contact individual travelers via private email based on what travelers post here, unsolicited or mass emails by recruiters to TNT members are forbidden. Spamming our members will result in your agency (and you personally) being banned from posting.