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A forum that is "all things Thai": relationship issues between Thais and foreigners (falangs), including culture and immigration; current news and events in Thailand; travel; and networking with Thai-falang couples.

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The Thai-Falang Board thailand travel, hotels, tour, vacation, adventure, trekking  

Sawadee!  Welcome to the Thai-Falang Board (TFB), an active online community since 2001: 

FOLDERS (topics to post in):

  • RELATIONSHIPS: courtship, marriage, dowry, assimilation, the cultural gap, the gender gap, children, the in-laws, social issues, scams, divorce, etc.    

  • NETWORKING(USA/Canada); NETWORKING (Thailand/Other):  Online info exchange (ie, ESL schools, grocers, temples, jobs, etc.); see also "TFB Get Together" folder.

  • VISA/IMMIGRATION (USA); VISA/USA TIMELINES; VISA/IMMIGRATION (Other Non-USA):  All visa and immigration questions.  For US, see also USCIS site; and the TFB webpage.

  • NEWS/CULTURE; TRAVEL; LANGUAGE:  Discussions about Thailand. 

  • LINKS & POLLS; THE LIGHTER SIDE:  Additional resources, and some fun stuff.

  • TFB CAFE:  A place to chat.

  • GENERAL:  For everything else, post it here.

  • INTRODUCE YOURSELF:  New to TFB?  Let us know where you're from.

  • TFB GET TOGETHERS:  Meet fellow TFBers in US & Thailand.


No flaming (inflammatory posts), personal attacks, profanities, pornography, and spam (unsolicited commercial posts).  This is a moderated board and moderators will enforce the rules.  Please use English.

Board Moderators:  Hono, Bkksw, and Jaybloom.  The TFB Website: link here.


  •   TFB is closing down, Dec. 31, 2018Announcement

    This forum will end at the end of 2018. (See thread "Closing down TFB" for more info.) Thank you.